Swedish vegan oat-milk brand Oatly is making a bold statement with its new advertising campaign on skyscrapers across Europe, reminding consumers that animal milk is not made for humans. The ad shows a container of its oat milk beverage with the slogan, “It’s like milk, but made for humans.” While the ad is promoting Oatly’s product, it is also calling out the dairy industry’s claim that cow’s milk is meant for human consumption. “If you asked most people if they think it is wrong to unnecessarily harm other sentient beings, they would answer that it is,” Sandra Higgins, founder of ad-creator Go Vegan World, said of the power of pro-vegan billboard advertisements. “This is because we all know that other animals feel. [Posters and billboards] expose this inconsistency between our values and our behaviour. We claim to respect fact, yet we live according to myth.” Oatly’s new advertisement is the latest initiative since it rebranded in 2013 with new packaging and slogans such as, “Yes, we are vegan. So?” and “We only do oats.” The brand has since risen in popularity and expanded its product line to include canned vegan lattes, ice cream, oat-based yogurt, and creamer, currently available in Europe with new products in the works for a launch in the United States in coming months.

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