Vegan Oat Milk Brand Oatly Opens 19,000 Square-Foot Factory to Meet US Demand

The Swedish brand will open its first production plant in the United States, increasing production of its vegan products eightfold. 


Swedish vegan brand Oatly recently began construction on its first production facility in the United States in Millville, NJ. The company’s new 19,000-square-foot facility will increase its production capacity eightfold, allowing it to maintain a constant supply to retailers and coffeehouses nationwide. The city’s planning director Samantha Silvers welcomes the new facility as an environmentally conscious addition to Millville. Oatly is known for its barista-favorite oat milk but distributes a variety of vegan products in its European markets, including vegan yogurt, ice cream, and canned lattes—which it plans to debut in the US. “We hope that’s only the start,” Oatly general manager Mike Messersmith told The Daily Journal. “We want to continue growing our business.” Last month, Oatly launched a poignant billboard campaign picturing a container of its oat milk with the slogan “It’s like milk, but made for humans.”

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