For the month of January, Whole Foods Market has re-launched the vegan “TTLA” sandwich to all of its 496 locations nationwide in time to celebrate Veganuary. The sandwich gained national attention last year after vegan actress Tabitha Brown posted an unsolicited video of herself enjoying it in her car. Brown discovered the sandwich at her local Whole Foods in Tarzana, CA and inspired viewers nationwide to seek out the TTLA—made with Lightlife tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, and avocado and modified by Brown with the addition of “a little pickle.” Whole Foods responded to Brown’s viral video by adding the sandwich to 150 of its deli counters in the United States and 14 in Canada before naming the vegan actress its “BFF & Plant-Based Brand Ambassador.” This week, Brown returned to the deli counter in Tarzana where she purchased her “life-changing” sandwich one year ago and urged her fans to sample the vegan creation. “Head on over, get you a TTLA, take a friend (vegan or not),” Brown advised her fans, adding, “make sure to add pickles.”

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