Whether Carlos Alcaraz or Novak Djokovic will win the men’s French Open this year, or Iga Swiatek will take home the women’s, is yet to be decided. But what we can confirm is that the Grand Slam, set to start at the end of May, is going to be just as gripping as ever, as will Wimbledon (set to kick off in July), of course, and the US Open, which will take place in August and September.

If you’re set to attend any of these events, you’re going to need some serious fuel between all of the excitement. Luckily, this year’s Grand Slam tournaments are offering quite a range of vegan options—from buckwheat pancakes to strawberries and dairy-free cream. To help you track it all down, we’ve done some internet sleuthing to find the best plant-based food in and around the biggest tennis tournaments yet to come in 2024.

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What’s vegan at the French Open?

With the French Open kicking off in May, and the Olympics starting at the end of July, it’s a big year for Paris. The latter has already proven that it’s going to be a vegan-friendly event (in fact, around 60 percent of the menu is set to be meat-free), and it seems the French Open might offer plant-based options, too.

According to the Roland-Garros website (quick FYI: Roland-Garros is another name for the French Open), spectators can head to The Brittany Buckwheat Pancake Store for, of course, buckwheat pancakes, to the Southern Focaccia Store for vegetarian focaccia, or to the Northern Fish and Chip Store for French fries. It’s not confirmed yet if any are 100-percent vegan, however, so make sure to double-check before you order.

For guaranteed delicious vegan food though, we recommend heading out into the city. For top-notch pastry, head to VG Pâtisserie. For fine dining, you can’t go wrong with The Friendly Kitchen. For more suggestions, find our guide to 10 exceptional cafés, restaurants, and bakeries here.

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What’s vegan at Wimbledon?

If you’re familiar with Wimbledon, you might know already that the London tennis tournament is famous for its delicious strawberries and cream offering. And great news: if you’re dairy-free, you don’t have to miss out. Since 2019, Wimbledon has offered vegan cream as an option.

The major tournament also promises that there is at least one vegan choice in every sit-down restaurant across the grounds. And of course, if you’re looking for more delicious food when you leave the tournament, you will find it in abundance across London. For a quick hearty bite, What the Pitta always delivers, or if you’re craving a curry, head to City Spice on Brick Lane. Find our guide to the best plant-based eateries in the English capital here

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What’s vegan at the US Open?

The US Open, which always takes place in Queens, New York, doesn’t begin until the end of the summer, but if you’re already planning your food choices, the tournament has provided a handy list of its dining options on its website. You can munch on delicious vegan granola from Oakberry Acai, for example, or head to Van Leeuwen for some tasty, indulgent dairy-free ice cream

For something a little more substantial, The Migrant Kitchen will also be serving at the US Open this year. The restaurant chain, which specializes in “American food inspired by immigrants,” offers many vegan options on its regular menu, including Cauliflower Shawarma, Southern Pali Salad, and Mushroom Spinach Empanadas.

Outside of the tournament, New York is, of course, a wonderland of vegan dining. Find some of our can’t-miss restaurant picks here, including Spicy Moon (delicious, flavor-packed Szechuan-Chinese cuisine), Cadence (elevated soul food), and Willow (a cozy vegan bistro). If sushi is your thing, we also have a specific guide to the best vegan sushi joints in New York here.

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