Vegan company Vegannection recently launched the world’s first vegan debit card. The prepaid card can be used exclusively at all-vegan establishments. Users receive two percent cash back on purchases and 0.5 percent cash back on purchases made by friends that users refer to the service. The plastic-free virtual card—which bears the colors of the vegan flag—can be accessed by signing up as a member with the company and using the card via smartphone at participating businesses. Vegannection developed the card as a tool to encourage the growth of a compassionate global economy and using the service does not require a credit check nor payment of monthly fees. While users have signed up in 37 countries, the company is currently limited to 27 business partners in London—such as pizzeria Picky Wops, hair salon Monster House, and catering company Jake’s Vegan Steaks—with plans to expand globally.

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