Agri-business giant Bunge—a global soybean exporter and grain processor founded in 1818—reported a $135 million unrealized capital gain attributed to a strategic investment in Beyond Meat in its 2019 season quarter earnings report released this week. The company, through its venture capital arm Bunge Ventures, invested in Beyond Meat prior to the vegan meat makers going public and currently holds a 1.63-percent stake in the vegan company. In May, Beyond Meat began trading on NASDAQ—the first vegan meat brand to go public—and its shares have surged as much as 800 percent since. Bunge’s investment in Beyond Meat added $0.71 to its adjusted earnings-per-share. Since Beyond Meat went public, announcing new partnerships has typically resulted in a positive boost to share prices for those companies—which some analysts are calling the Beyond Meat “halo effect.” Last month, the Beyond halo effect proved true for Blue Apron and Dunkin’, with shares surging by nearly 20 percent and nearly 2 percent, respectively, upon their announcements of partnerships with the vegan meat brand last month.

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