California-based vegan brand Beyond Meat recently became available to investors in Mexico through the BMV Global Market. The company is listed on the Mexico Stock Exchange with the BYND symbol and its stock is priced in pesos. The International Quotation System (SIC), also called the global market, is a BMV platform that allows investors in Mexico to buy shares that were listed on other stock exchanges around the world, without needing to be an investor in those markets. Beyond Meat first went public on NASDAQ in May and became the top performing first-day stock of the year—since then, the stock has grown in value by 576 percent in just three months. The company’s second-quarter financial results indicate that its net revenues have grown by 287 percent in the last year. Its growth is primarily driven by the company expanding availability of its popular Beyond Burger and other products at large fast-food chains such as Dunkin’, Del Taco, Carl’s Jr., Tim Hortons, and A&W.