Pistachio milk brand Táche recently launched in the United States. The brand was created by father-daughter duo Roxana and Morteza Saidi to meet consumer demand for more socially impactful and sustainable non-dairy milk options. While the alternative nut-milk industry already includes several different varieties, pistachio milk hasn’t hit the market due to the difficulty in the supply chain. After years in the making, the founders have developed a nimble supply chain and source their pistachios sustainably from Europe and MENA (collective region of Middle East and North Africa), two regions with a long legacy of high-quality pistachios.

“Growing up, I was surrounded by pistachios as they were the go-to snack in our household and quickly became one of my favorite nuts. Years later on a family vacation in Europe, I had a full-circle moment when I was craving an almond milk latte,” Roxana Saidi told VegNews. “I realized that the snack I’ve loved all my life was not only flavorful and healthy but could also be turned into milk. The lightbulb went off and immediately upon returning to NYC, [I started] making different versions of pistachio milk in my apartment kitchen. Being born in a family of entrepreneurs, I recognized the opportunity for a new healthy yet decadent and flavorful plant-based milk that I’m glad the vegan community can enjoy.”

Táche is available in Original and Unsweetened varieties directly from the brand’s website with shipping nationwide as well as throughout New York in 40 cafés, coffee shops, and independent grocers. Táche donates a portion of its profits to non-profit organization The Lower Eastside Girls Club of NYC to support girls’ education and provide them with the mentorship, tools, and support to become healthy, successful women.

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