Getting a good night’s sleep is as important as ever—and harder than ever too, due to the unrelentingly plugged-in nature of our society. Adequate deep sleep helps ease stress, anxiety, aging effects, and has many healing benefits. These 10 cruelty-free products will help bedtime feel more restful, luxurious, and cozy than ever before. 


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1. The Cloud Comforter
This sustainably made, down-free comforter’s fabric comes from eucalyptus, which uses 10 times less water than cotton to produce. And the recycled fill of each of these cloudlike comforters keeps 50 plastic bottles out of landfills and protects 12 geese from live-plucking. So you can feel extra-good about wrapping up in this ultra-plush comforter as you drift off to sleep. 


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2. Sleep Mist
Lightly mist this blend of 100-percent pure ylang ylang, lavender, Roman chamomile, vetiver, and frankincense essential oils over you to soothe your nerves and anxieties and promote a tranquil night of zzz’s. As a bonus, it comes in a travel-friendly size bottle, so you can get a great night’s sleep anywhere you go. 


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3. Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket
Trust us when we say that a weighted blanket will change your life. This one features two sides, so you can opt for ultra-cozy warmth or tranquil cooling materials depending on the season. Available in both 15 and 20-pound varieties, pull the evenly distributed weighted blanket over you for an added sense of comfort and security throughout the night.


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4. Night Time Herbal Tea
Made with a sleep-promoting mix of organic oat flower, soothing lavender, valerian root, and silky-sweet lime flower, this naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced organic tea makes the perfect pre-bedtime cup. Simply brew up a cp, put your phone away, and get ready for the restfulness to begin. 


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5. Purple Harmony Pillow
The ideal balance of soft, cool, and responsive no-pressure-support is achieved in this technology-backed, next-level pillow. Hexagon-shaped air channels in the pillow allow for airflow keeping your head cool throughout the night. Best of all? It’s made from synthetic materials so no animals were harmed in the making of your much-needed R&R.


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6. CBD Melatonin Gummies
The powerful combination of CBD and melatonin encapsulated in these chewy, gelatin-free, lemon-flavored, bear-shaped gummies combine to get you ready to drift off to dreamland in no time at all. With 10 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of melatonin per serving, these all-natural sleep aids are small but powerful. 


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7. Bamboo Lyocell Lavender Scented Eye Pillow
This organic, eco-friendly, bamboo lyocell fabric eye pillow comes with a removable lavender and wheat insert that helps relieve stress, tension, and headaches via its aromatherapy benefits. Plus, it helps relieve tired, puffy eyes, dark circles and helps improve circulation around the eyes. 


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8. Deep Sleep Bath Bomb
Wrapped in biodegradable muslin, this delectable bath bomb is packed with lavender and Roman chamomile flowers that infuse your water with a hypnotic blend of soothing floral scents. Plus soothing neroli oil helps alleviate stress and tension, and when combined with the luxurious warmth of bathwater, you’ll feel fully ready to slip straight into bed. 


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9. Bedtime Beauty Satin Pillowcases
Many consumers turn to silk pillowcases to protect their precious locks, but this cruelty-free alternative utilizes satin to achieve the same effect without the dehydrating and friction-building effects of cotton. They help your hair retain moisture, save you from daily washes, and promote healthier locks so you can sleep deeper knowing you’ll wake up feeling great. 


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10. Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment
Apply this aromatherapy blend liberally to your palms and pulse points (wrist and neck), rub your hands together, and inhale deeply to feel instantly more rested and relaxed. Sometimes all you need at the end of a busy day is a way to calm your mind through focusing, soothing essential oils.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews and is always searching for the best ways to get the most restful night’s sleep.

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