Getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance—and harder than ever too, due to the unrelentingly plugged-in nature of our society. Adequate deep sleep helps ease stress, anxiety, and aging effects. Plus, it has many healing benefits. These 11 vegan products will help soothe you to sleep—and perhaps more importantly, help you stay asleep. But first, can vegan foods help you sleep better?

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Achieving better sleep with plant-based foods

The much-beloved avocado can help with sleep. Their magnesium content means regular consumption may help with relaxation and sleep efficiency, and their potassium levels will also help with nerve, muscle, and heart function. They also contain biotin, which is good for healthy hair, and carotenoids, which are beneficial for the immune system.

Olive oil has also been associated with a better night’s sleep. Drinking olive oil before bed has risen in popularity on social media. Many maintain that this is the best way to enjoy many of the benefits associated with olive oil and that it can also help you feel fuller, which means if you drink it right before bed, you may reduce the risk of being woken with hunger pains. It may also help to relieve other sleep-disrupting issues, like bad digestion and constipation. The truth is, there is little research to suggest that this is necessary. Instead, you can boost your levels of healthy fats by simply consuming it with food, or cooking with it, as extra virgin olive oil retains its health benefits even when it is heated.

Outside of whole, plant-based foods, edible vegan products—such as CBD gummies—can also help achieve a full night of sleep. In 2019, the brand CBDistillery conducted a customer survey, which revealed that 88 percent of consumers found CBD helped with temporary anxiety. Plus, 89 percent said it helped calm their mind and helped them to get better sleep, and 84 percent said it helped to manage pain after physical activity. Studies have also linked CBD with improved sleep, as it is associated with temporarily reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Vegan products for better sleep

These 11 cruelty-free products will help bedtime feel more restful, luxurious, and cozy than ever before. 

VegNews.CozyEarthBedCozy Earth

1Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Viscose Comforters

These sustainably made, down-free, bamboo viscose comforters are temperature-regulating and perfect for sweaty sleepers. It comes packaged in a reusable weekender bag for an ultimate eco-finish from start to finish, and we love how buttery soft they feel. Plus, Cozy Earth uses total transparency from the production to the textiles used to make each piece of bedding, so we can feel extra good about snuggling up at night. 

VegNews.YanaSleepYana Sleep

2 Yana Sleep 360 Body Pillow

This 360-degree, weighted, whole-body hugging pillow is so dreamy that you’ll be slipping off into blissful sleep in no time. Made from organic cotton and bamboo velour that’s both sustainable and luxe, it also features cooling technology perfect for hot sleepers. This VegNews Editor can personally attest to its quality and zzz-inducing effects.

TRU_N300_Bedroom_07 Emily KTruSens

3TruSens Ultrasonic Humidifier

Avoid waking up with a dry, scratchy throat and irritated, dry skin when you have this quiet device humming by your bedside. A high-performance water filter emits a clean, soothing mist and a UV-C light kills bacteria in the mist. We love that we can keep a remote on our bedside table to control it to our liking from the comfort of our bed. 


4 Loftie Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Say goodbye to your harsh, blaring smartphone alarm clock forever with this two-phase alarm made with professionally crafted alarm tones that won’t, well, alarm you. Plus, the white noise and sound bath functions help ease you into a deep sleep and ensure you stay peacefully asleep through the night.  


5 Honeydew Pillow

The ideal balance of soft, cool, and responsive no-pressure support is achieved in this next-level pillow. Specifically designed for side sleepers, this neck-supporting pillow eliminates painful neck aches from sleeping and ensures a restful night’s sleep. Even better? It’s made from synthetic materials so no animals were harmed in the making of your much-needed R&R.



6 Ritual Sleep BioSeries Melatonin

This is the world’s first three-in-one vegan-friendly sleep supplement that is designed to optimize melatonin throughout the night to support a natural sleep-wake cycle. The melatonin is released in phases to support falling asleep and staying asleep, so we toss and turn less throughout the night. A win-win in our books. 

VegNews.SleepChocolate.YesCacaoYES Cacao


7 Bliss Out Chocolate Bars

Skip the melatonin. Eat chocolate instead! These YES Cacao bars turn to three key ingredients to help consumers achieve a more restful, peaceful slumber. Gaba, Blue Lotus, and Kava help reduce anxiety, boost mood and cognitive function, and aid in accessing a tranquil state when consumed. They also use high-quality, organic, raw, wild-harvested cacao so you can reap the health benefits of cacao while getting a good night’s sleep. 


8Bearaby Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket

This thick, chunky knit organic cotton throw weighs up to 25 pounds (depending on the weight you choose) and feels buttery soft! The breathable knit prevents you from overheating in any season while the even weight distribution makes you feel all the calming effects of a weighted blanket. 

VegNews.MadisonandWhiteMadison & White

9 Bedtime Beauty Satin Pillowcases

Many consumers turn to silk pillowcases to protect their precious locks, but this cruelty-free alternative utilizes satin to achieve the same effect without the dehydrating and friction-building effects of cotton. They help your hair retain moisture, save you from daily washes, and promote healthier locks so you can sleep deeper knowing you’ll wake up feeling great. 


10 Osea’s Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

Lightly mist your pillows with this soothing, nerve-calming mist before bed for a moment of aromatherapy. The vagus nerve activates the body’s relaxation response and helps regulate stress, so each spritz of this luxe spray ensures relaxation and calm.

VegNews.HumNutritionHum Nutrition

11 Hum Nutrition Beauty ZZZZ Gummies

Melatonin, prebiotic fiber, and calming botanicals (think chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower) are packaged up in one soft, sweet, and chewy gelatin-free gummy that’s ready to drift us off into dreamland. Not only are they helpful for a good night’s sleep, but they’re also kinder to the environment, by preventing the equivalent of 4 plastic bottles from littering the ocean with each bottle of gummies. 

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