Actress and entrepreneur Ashley Tisdale is hosting a plant-based dinner next month in Los Angeles together with vegetarian company Sweet Earth. Want to join? You can, thanks to Sweet Earth’s new Veggie Comeback campaign. 

The Nestlé-owned company partnered with Tisdale to promote its newly reformulated line of 15 bowls, burritos, pizzas, and entrées. While Tisdale is not vegan, she is a fan of plant-based eating and partnered with Sweet Earth to inspire fans to try new foods.

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“I’ve found a plant-based lifestyle that works for me and it’s all about balance, enjoyment, and bold flavors,” Tisdale said in a statement. 

“When life doesn’t always leave time for homemade meals, it’s nice to have convenient, flavorful options in the fridge or freezer,” she said. “Sweet Earth plant-based foods are my go-to choice when I’m craving a quick veggie boost. They taste great and make me feel good, and I love how they’re so easy to prepare.”

The Veggie Comeback campaign comes with sweepstakes that gives one lucky winner a chance to attend the April 26 plant-based dinner. Sweet Earth is accepting entries through April 6. 

Sweet Earth reinvents its plant-based food

As part of Sweet Earth’s Veggie Comeback campaign, the company shared data it collected this month through an online poll of 1,002 Millennials and Gen Z consumers. 

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These findings showed that half of the respondents have tried plant-based meat alternatives to meat. One third of respondents who have never tried plant-based meat alternatives are open to trying them. However, 39 percent of respondents who have tried them say they have stopped consuming them in recent years. 

The survey also found that one in five respondents who tried plant-based protein and then stopped consuming it, would rather delete their social media profiles than return to a plant-based diet.  

Sweet Earth hopes that its existing plant-based meats such as Mindful Chik’n and reformulated products—including the General Tso’s Tofu Bowl, Pad Thai Bowl, and Big Sur Breakfast Burrito—will convince these consumers to give plant-based eating another shot. 

“We worked with chefs to elevate a variety of our Sweet Earth recipes to better reflect the needs of today’s plant-based consumer, carefully crafting them to highlight mouthwatering sauces, savory spices and a variety of wholesome ingredients,” Jennifer Barnes, Vice President and General Manager of Sweet Earth Foods, said in a statement.

The survey also found that only 3 percent of respondents are completely opposed to trying plant-based foods again, leaving a big window for companies like Sweet Earth to lure consumers back. What can convince them to return to plant-based eating? One in three said a wider variety of options, with more than half indicating improved taste as a determining factor for their return. 

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“Our hope is to inspire people to re-invent what a plant-based lifestyle means to them, offering a greater emphasis on bold flavors, providing a tasty culinary experience, re-igniting excitement with the variety of Sweet Earth options available to them and supporting consumers in their own plant-based comeback,” Barnes said. 

Nestlé leans into plant-based food 

Nestlé is a global food and beverage company that has been around for more than 150 years. The company has a diverse portfolio of products that includes everything from coffee and chocolate to pet food and bottled water. Despite its wide range of offerings, Nestlé has faced criticism over the years for its environmental impact, labor practices, and contribution to health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

One area where Nestlé has made efforts to improve is in the plant-based food space. In recent years, the company has launched several plant-based products under its various brands, such as the Garden Gourmet and Sweet Earth ranges—both of which it acquired in 2017.


From vegan burgers to fish-free tuna to dairy-free chocolate milk, these products are aimed at consumers who are looking for more sustainable and ethical food options, and who are interested in reducing their consumption of animal products.

In 2020, Nestlé announced a partnership with the nonprofit World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to improve the sustainability of its plant-based products. As part of this partnership, Nestlé has committed to using more sustainable ingredients in its plant-based products and to reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain.

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