Starting today, movie-goers will be able to order vegan ice cream cones at select locations of Event Cinemas—Australia’s leading theater company with 89 locations. In 2017, Event Cinemas ran the “My Choc Top” contest that encouraged customers to submit their own ice cream cone creations using a provided list of ingredients for a chance to win a year’s supply of their chosen flavors. Many participants attached the word “vegan” to their entries, with Cassandra Toohey’s “Classic Vegan Choc Top” attracting 3,000 votes and placing her as the winner of the contest. Events Cinema, however, contacted winners to inform them that the word “vegan” would be removed from their entries, as the chain did not offer vegan options, which sparked backlash online. This year, the cinema company has changed its tune and partnered with Sydney-based vegan brand Over the Moo to offer two vegan “choc top” cone flavors: Chocolate and Salted Caramel. “Handmade in collaboration with Over The Moo, this exciting new range is available at select Event Cinemas [and is] suitable for vegans. Made from vegan cones, vegan ice cream, and vegan chocolate,” the company announced on social media. Over the Moo began selling its coconut milk-based vegan pints in 2015 and went on the road as Australia’s first vegan ice cream truck in 2017. The vegan ice cream cones (AU$6.60) are currently only available at Event Cinema locations in Bondi Junction, Glendale, Miranda, George Street, Macquarie, Tuggerah, Pacific Fair, Robina, Kawana, and Chermside, with further locations to come.

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