Baking is one of the most popular creative hobbies in the US. In fact, according to research by Test Hut, around 76 percent of Millennials like to bake, while more than 50 percent of Gen Z-ers also like to whip up sweet treats in the kitchen. While baking used to rely on animal ingredients, like eggs, cow’s milk, and butter, these days, it’s easier than ever to find vegan alternatives on the market (for more on the best vegan baking swaps, find our guide here). But as well as the right ingredients, the perfect vegan baked goods also depends on having the right equipment at hand. A blender, for example, is always a useful appliance (we recommend a Vitamix!), but you also won’t get very far without having the right bakeware.

Why is it important to have the right bakeware?

Having the right bakeware—we’re talking loaf pans, sheet pans, muffin pans, that sort of thing—is essential for many reasons. For one, you won’t end up with a very good muffin, for example, without the right mold to create the shape. But bakeware also helps to ensure an even distribution of heat, for example, which ensures that all areas of your baked goods are cooked at the same rate, at the same time. It can also help improve the appearance of what you’re baking, keeping everything neat. Plus, nonstick bakeware can ensure that delicate baked items, like cakes, for example, come off the pan with ease, without any damage.

The best bakeware, for every budget

If you’re looking to get into baking or upgrade the bakeware collection you already have, here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite pans, ramekins, and sets for a range of budgets. And if you’re looking for more vegan baking inspiration, you can find recipes for vegan cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and more here.


1 Chicago Metalic Loaf Pan, $12.99

This metallic loaf pan might be under $13, but it’s still durable, strong, and dependable for all of your loaf-shaped bakes (we’re big fans of this vegan double-chocolate zucchini quick bread, by the way). It also has “superior heat conduction,” notes the brand, thanks to heavy-weight aluminized steel material. Use it for breads and desserts, or dishes like vegan meatloaf or even a mini lasagna.
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2 Mora Ceramic Ramekins, $24.99

If you’re making a vegan soufflé (yup, you can make a soufflé without eggs—just check out this recipe for proof), you’re going to need ramekins. These from Mora have a lead-free, all-natural glaze, they’re strong, refined, and nonstick, plus they look pretty great in your kitchen, too. If you’re not in a soufflé-making mood, then ramekins are also handy for desserts like ice cream and crème brûlée, as well as holding dips and sauces, too.
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VegNews.sheetpan.nordicwareNordic Ware

3 Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Half Sheet Pan, $25.30

When you’re in a cookie-baking mood (which, for us, is all the time), you need a good sheet pan to help you get the perfect result. And you can’t go wrong with this half-sheet pan from Nordic Ware. Made with pure aluminum, the pan is easy to clean, strong, and won’t warp, either. It’s also super efficient when it comes to conducting heat, resulting in delicious evenly baked cookies every time.
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4 OXO Good Grips Muffin Pan, $27.95

For perfect, evenly baked muffins and cupcakes, this aluminized steel pan from OXO is a great choice. Not only is it nonstick, but it’s also stain-, scratch-, and corrosion-resistant, too. The square-rolled edges also provide a surface for a safer grip as you’re moving the pan out of the hot oven.
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5 NutriChef Oven Baking Pans, $49.99

If you’re starting from scratch, or you just want to upgrade your old tired baking pans, this entire 10-piece set from NutriChef is available for under $50. The sleek black durable, nonstick pan set includes a cupcake tray, two cookie sheets, a loaf pan, and a cake pan. So regardless of what you’re in the mood to bake, you’ll always be prepared.
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6 Le Creuset Stoneware Loaf Pan, $60

You need an efficient loaf pan that’s durable, retains heat well, and is scratch-resistant, there’s no doubt. But you *want* a loaf pan that looks pretty in your kitchen, right? Well, this sweet heart-patterned loaf pan from Le Creuset allows you to have the best of both worlds—so you can truly have your cake and eat it, too.
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7 GreenPan Ceramic Nonstick Bakeware Set, $169.95

This four-piece set from GreenPan gives you two baking pans and two sheet pans, which is an ideal starter piece for a baking beginner, or a great addition if you’re just looking for a few more pans to complete your collection. Made with durable aluminum and nonstick ceramic, these pans are stable, reliable, and smooth.
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8 Caraway Ceramic Bakeware Set, $395

Those looking to go all the way and invest in 11 pieces of nonstick, durable bakeware that looks as good as it cooks need to check out this set from Caraway. The nontoxic set is also easy to clean and even comes with a handy organizer to keep everything tidy (helping you avoid all of that messy pan drawer drama mid-bake). Choose from a wide variety of colors, too, including cream, navy, and sage.
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