New dairy-identical ice cream brand Brave Robot will expand its retail footprint to 5,000 stores by April 22 (Earth Day). Brave Robot made a limited retail debut in July 2020 with eight flavors: Vanilla, Buttery Pecan, Blueberry Pie, Raspberry White Truffle, Vanilla ‘N Cookies, PB ‘N Fudge, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk, and A Lot of Chocolate. This expansion represents a 1,500-percent increase of Brave Robot’s retail footprint, placing the brand’s innovative ice cream pints in traditional grocery stores such as Kroger, Harris Teeter, Albertsons/Safeway, Stop & Shop, and Shoprite, and natural grocers such as Sprouts, Harmons, New Seasons, Fresh Thyme, and Earth Fare.

“The opportunity to pioneer a new food category doesn’t happen too often, and now 5,000 retail stores are with us. It shows that this is what America has been urgently waiting for. No more eating plants for dessert, no more milk from factory farms needed,” Paul Kollesoff, co-founder of Brave Robot’s parent company The Urgent Company, said. “Dairy alternative ice creams always miss the mark on taste, and today’s consumer is hungry for better options. We see Brave Robot Ice Cream as an integral part of the solution.” 

Animal-free dairy
The Brave Robot brand is the first product line from The Urgent Company, a new sustainably focused consumer food company founded by alternative dairy protein manufacturer Perfect Day and Kollesoff, a longtime dairy product developer. Brave Robot ice cream uses Perfect Day’s dairy-identical but animal-free whey protein, which is made by inserting a cow’s DNA sequence as a blueprint into yeast-based microflora. The microflora then takes the place of the cow in creating a protein that can be used to make vegan versions of dairy-based food such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. 

While next-level innovation often comes at a premium, Brave Robot’s ice cream will be available for a suggested retail price of $5.99 per pint. “Accessibility was a key component of our plan for this ice cream,” Kollesoff said. “We want to democratize new dairy. Not only are we championing consumer activism with this science-forward, better-for-the-planet product, but we’re making sure it’s at a price point that’s accessible for all.”

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