Pizza chain Domino’s is currently testing a Vegan Supreme Pizza (£15.99, or $19.78) in the United Kingdom. The new vegan pizza—which features a vegan crust, green and red peppers, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, and dairy-free cheese made by local vegan brand Bute Island Foods—is only available in select locations, including in Durham, England. “We want as many people as possible to enjoy the great taste of Domino’s and the appetite for us to offer a vegan pizza has continued to grow,” a Domino’s spokesperson said. “We’re delighted to say we’ve developed the Vegan Supreme in response to this, which we think will hit the spot. The ‘Vegendary’ pizza is in trial across a few stores in September to help us get as much feedback on the product as possible.” Similarly, the Australian branch of Domino’s polled its fans on Facebook last year to ascertain demand for vegan cheese before launching three vegan pizzas—topped with United States-based brand Follow Your Heart’s vegan cheese—at more than 600 locations across the continent, where, according to regional CEO Nick Knight, the pizzas and vegan cheese continually sold out.

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