This week, international furniture chain IKEA added a plant-based Beyond Burger to its bistro menu in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The new burger is served with tomato, onions, and lettuce, along with fries with sauce for €7.90 (US$8.97). “We look emphatically at vegetable variants of existing dishes with meat and we increasingly introduce new, tasty, and healthy vegetarian options,” Marcel Ruttgers, Food Manager at IKEA Netherlands, said.  “Moreover, we show that a healthier and more sustainable life does not have to be complicated. The cooperation with Beyond Meat fits in well with this.” Last year, IKEA launched its first vegan burger at its concept “Foodbox”—a food trailer adjacent to the store—in Canada. In recent years, IKEA has updated its menu worldwide to include more plant-based options such as its vegan hot dog—which sold one million units within one month after IKEA added it to its European stores in 2018 prompting the chain to expand the option to its United States locations last year. IKEA also developed a new vegan meatball to keep up with the trends in the growing plant-based meat space and will add the meatballs to approximately 290 European locations—alongside its existing vegan Swedish meatballs—in August with other countries to follow in coming months.

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