Celebrated music legend and vegan Jermaine Dupri made sure he was the first to sample KFC’s limited-time Beyond Fried Chicken today in Atlanta. KFC launched the vegan chicken—which was available as nuggets and boneless wings—as a test to determine demand for the new plant-based option at a single location today. Dupri arrived early to the location—which was decked out in bright green paint and Beyond Meat billboards in honor of the launch—and documented the line he saw forming outside of the chicken chain. “Alright, I just got to this Kentucky Fried Chicken where they got this Beyond Chicken … vegan chicken. I’m gonna let y’all know what’s up,” Dupri posted to his Instagram stories, adding, “They’ve got a little line out here.” After Dupri received his order (six wings, which he said he ate quickly), that line grew to massive proportions, with customers waiting up to two hours to sample the Beyond Fried Chicken—which sold out in approximately five hours. KFC will consider a nationwide rollout based on consumer feedback from today’s wildly successful, celebrity-backed event.

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