Kate Hudson is acclaimed for her roles in aughts classic films such as Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Bride Wars. These days, Hudson is also known for her best-selling books and the brands she has created in the last decade. 

There’s Fabletics, an athleisure brand she co-founded in 2013 to make workout clothing appealing and accessible to all. She further explored the fashion industry with the launch of Happy X Nature, an eco-friendly clothing line that reflected her personal boho style. 

Hudson then entered the spirits industry in 2019 with the launch of King Street Vodka, a small-batch company in Santa Barbara. In 2020, Hudson began exploring yet another industry, nutrition, with the launch of InBloom as a way to share holistic, eco-friendly wellness with her fans. 


While InBloom was initially available to consumers through its website, this year, the brand made a major retail leap to 450 Whole Foods Markets locations.  

Kate Hudson gets into plant-based nutrition

As consumers increase their focus on digestive health, the dietary supplement market is expected to reach $74.3 billion by the end of 2024. To create InBloom, Hudson worked together with nutritionists and herbalists to support three key pillars of wellness: beauty, brains, and body. 

At Whole Foods, InBloom will offer four nutrient-packed powders, all meant to be stirred, whisked, or blended with a cold liquid to use in smoothies, bowls, or other recipes

“I am so grateful that we’re going into Whole Foods Market because our missions are so aligned and it allows us to be in multiple locations across the country,” Hudson tells VegNews. “Because of my profile, we reach so many people across the country and now our product will be easily accessible to them.” 

The Essential Elements formula is crafted as a comprehensive daily supplement, laying a foundational support system for overall well-being. 

Brain Flow is formulated to combat the effects of stress and mental strain on cognitive functions, clearing brain fog and amplifying the brain’s natural capabilities, enhancing memory, focus, and the overall sense of mental presence. 


The Green Proteins (available in chocolate and vanilla flavors) is a blend comprising six plant-based proteins along with a host of system-boosting herbs, all designed to address common nutritional deficiencies, manage stress-related inflammation, and improve overall body functions such as circulation, digestion, and detoxification.

Out of the collection, the Beauty Aura is the only product that is not vegan as it contains fish-derived collagen. 

Building a sustainable company

It was important for Hudson to focus on plant-powered formulations for InBloom products. “We really wanted to make sure this product was something for everyone and that it could be versatile,” she says. 

“There are many benefits to having plant-based products,” Hudson says. “We also believe that plant-based diets are also much healthier for the planet resulting in less carbon footprint and more.” 


Prior to its Whole Foods debut, all of InBloom’s products shifted to an “omni-degradable” packaging called “Omnipouch,” which Hudson loves both for its beauty and its ability to take plastics out of the equation. 

“Zero impact has always been my goal,” Hudson says. “When we started, the best thing on the market was our glass jars with refills.” 

The new “omni-degradable” packaging looks just like your average zip pouches. However, they are one of the only packages on the market that only leaves behind water, carbon dioxide, and organic biomass when they decompose. 

Looking to the future, Hudson is enthusiastic about expanding InBloom’s offerings. “We’re definitely looking to expand our portfolio to provide consumers with additional products to impact their nutrition and wellness goals,” Hudson says. 

Plant-based nutrition brands with celeb appeal

Hudson is part of a growing number of celebrities who have put their famous names behind plant-powered nutrition brands. 


Venus Williams launched her Happy Viking brand in 2020 as a way to share her plant-based nutrition regimen with her fans. The brand was meticulously created to reflect the nutrition that the seven-time Grand Slam champ relies upon to maintain her physical and mental wellness.

“I’ve found that plant protein is what works best for my body and overall health,” Williams told VegNews at the time. “I truly believe the better fuel you drink and eat, the better you perform and feel.” 

Koia is another vegan nutrition brand with major celebrity backers. Known for its plant-protein-packed shakes, the brand counts 23 A-listers as investors, including NBA star Chris Paul, musical artist The Weeknd, and comedian Kevin Hart.

Several celebrities have also tackled early childhood nutrition to set kids up for success as adults. Jennifer Garner’s brand, Once Upon a Farm—which is now eyeing an IPO—is focused on plant-powered baby food. Michele Obama is also looking to help kids get their nutrients through her juice brand, Plezi, which is formulated with fiber, potassium, and no added sugar. 

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