On April 29, McDonald’s will add The Big Vegan TS to participating locations across Germany, the first all-vegan burger to launch at the chain in the region. The new option will be the first in the world to feature the vegan Incredible Burger, a “bleeding” patty launched this year by Nestlé under its Garden Gourmet brand. Local media outlet eKitchen had an early tasting of the new burger—which comes with mustard, ketchup, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce and is priced at approximately 3.70 euros ($4.13)—and compared it to McDonald’s classic option Big Tasty. McDonald’s Germany is also developing a vegan chicken burger in its test kitchen in Munich. Last year, McDonald’s added the McVegan burger to its Nordic locations, followed by a limited launch of the vegan El Veggo burger. In January, the fast-food chain added the McFalafel (vegan falafel nuggets) to its Swedish locations after launching its first vegan happy meal option across the United Kingdom. In March, McDonald’s added chickpea-based vegan chicken nuggets to its Norway locations alongside a vegan-friendly McFeast burger. Though stateside, the chain has yet to update its menu with vegan options. However, a petition with nearly 200,000 signatures is gaining traction to urge McDonald’s to finally debut a vegan burger in the United States.

Photo credit: eKitchen

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