On March 4, vegan cheese company Miyoko’s Creamery will begin a food truck tour across the United States to promote the brand’s new nut-free vegan cheddar and pepper-jack cheeses (created from oats, potatoes, and legumes) and cultured vegan oat-based butter.

Miyoko’s food truck will give away approximately 15,000 free grilled cheese sandwiches made with the new products. The tour will begin at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA and make 24 city stops in:

  • Anaheim, CA (March 4-7)
  • San Jose, CA (March 12)
  • San Francisco, CA (March 14)
  • Oakland, CA (March 15)
  • Petaluma, CA (March 16)
  • Los Angeles, CA (March 21-22)
  • Eugene, OR (March 26)
  • Portland, OR (March 27)
  • Seattle, WA (March 30)
  • Boise, ID (April 2)
  • Boulder, CO (April 5)
  • Denver, CO (April 6)
  • Dallas, TX (April 11)
  • Austin, TX (April 12)
  • Houston (April 13)
  • New Orleans, LA (April 16)
  • Atlanta, GA (April 18)
  • Washington DC (April 23)
  • Philadelphia, PA (April 25)
  • New York, NY (April 28)
  • Boston, MA (May 1)
  • Cincinnati, OH (May 6)
  • Chicago, IL (May 8)
  • Minneapolis, MN (May 12).

“We believe our new cheddar and pepper jack are game-changing and will do for cheese what Beyond and Impossible did for burgers by expanding the audience for vegan cheese to omnivores and flexitarians,” Miyoko Schinner, CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, told VegNews. “What better way to prove that than by allowing people to taste the product first-hand—our Grilled Cheese Nation food truck tour is a fun way to get that done while building excitement and anticipation for our April product launch.”

In December, Miyoko’s shocked hundreds of unsuspecting cheese lovers at a grilled-cheese sandwich pop-up in San Francisco, where the brand served free sandwiches made with its vegan cheese and butter without telling customers they were vegan. In June, the brand is set to launch the cultured vegan oat-based butter in sea salt and garlic parm flavors and allergen-friendly cheeses in blocks, shreds, and slices.

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