In early 2020, grocery stores and restaurants in lower mainland Canada will begin stocking new vegan meat products from Vancouver-based brand TMRW Foods. The TMRW burger and TMRW mince (vegan ground beef) is made from a mixture of quinoa, kidney beans, split peas, hemp hearts, and sunflower seeds. The brand is the sister company of Canadian vegan pizza chain Virtuous Pie—which opened its first United States location in Portland, OR in 2017—and previously sampled its flagship products at several local events. “We have spent over a year developing the TMRW Burger,” TMRW Foods co-founder, Dean Blignaut, said. “Not only does it provide a rich and satisfying experience, but by thoughtfully incorporating familiar whole food ingredients, we’ve created a vegan alternative that checks all the boxes. We want to support conscious consumption by making it approachable and easily obtainable. Our goal is to encourage people to eat what they love, without needing to compromise.” Prior to making its retail debut, TMRW Foods products will be available at vegan-friendly eatery MeeT Restaurant locations and at Virtuous Pie. The brand will open its first production facility in early 2020 where it plans to develop additional plant-based meat products.

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