A new, improved version of vegan JUST Egg that more closely mimics its animal-derived counterpart will launch at Whole Foods Market by the end of this year. California-based food technology startup Eat Just spent four years developing the innovative egg replacer from mung bean protein—which it found performs similarly to chicken eggs. In April 2019, the first version of JUST Egg launched in the retail sector through Sprouts and Whole Foods Market. Last month, JUST Egg expanded its retail footprint by 40 percent to 17,000 points of retail distribution such as Kroger, Walmart, and Mariano’s. 

“Consumers who already love the current version of JUST Egg will find the forthcoming formulation cleaner, creamier, and more egg-like than many chicken eggs,” Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick told VegNews. “The newest version will deliver on Eat Just’s commitment to leveraging our technology platform and culinary talent to continue innovating on sensory and functionality.” 

This new version of JUST Egg is part of the company’s continued drive to innovate the product in three key areas: taste, texture, and price to make the vegan egg replacer more competitive with chicken eggs on every level. In the price category, Eat Just aims to eventually offer JUST Egg at a price lower than the average price of a chicken egg—which is currently 8.6 cents per egg. Earlier this year, Eat Just made progress toward its goal by slashing the price of JUST Egg by 35 percent. It also launched a new format of its vegan egg, the convenient folded JUST Egg vegan omelette, to give consumers more choice. 

To date, the company—which recently opened the first vegan culinary studio in China—has sold the vegan equivalent of 50 million chicken eggs.

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