Pizza Hut UK To Add Exciting Vegan Options After Surpassing 10,000-Pie Sales Target

After surpassing its sales goal by 7,000 pies, Veganuary special vegan Jack ‘n’ Ch**se pizza is now on the permanent menu at Pizza Hut UK with new vegan options to come. 


Pizza Hut’s limited-edition Jack ‘n’ Ch**se pizza is now on the permanent menu at all of its 253 locations across the United Kingdom. Pizza Hut first added the vegan option to its menu for the month of January in celebration of Veganuary but promised to make it a permanent menu item if sales of the pizza surpassed 10,000 pies. Last week, the chain reported it sold 9,600 vegan pies and this week’s sales are at 17,700 vegan pies. Pizza Hut revealed in a post on Facebook that the pie—which features Violife’s vegan cheese, barbecue jackfruit, corn, red onions, peppers, and a drizzle of barbecue sauce—will remain on the menu “forever,” adding, “We might have a little something extra lined up, too.” This month, competing chain Domino’s added a fourth vegan pizza—the pineapple-topped Vegan BBQ Summer Pizza—to the menu of its Australian locations.

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