United Kingdom-based brand Fudgeina recently released its newest flavor of vegan vulva-shaped chocolate. The limited-edition Christmas plum pudding-flavored chocolate “Fudgeina” is coated with an edible snow glaze and can be ordered on its own or with a “vajazzle” set in three colors of icing (green, red, and black) to allow customers to customize their chocolate vulvas with messages of good cheer. Fudgeina founder Matt Garbutt developed the concept after noticing a lack of vulvas in the gag gift industry. “Originally for fun, I wanted to be able to send someone something that they’d never forget. And no one was doing vaginas/vulvas, so we thought, why not?” Garbutt told VegNews. “We want everyone to be able to enjoy our vaginas, and when the fudge and chocolate our supplier makes is so good vegan, why would you ever need to use animal products?” Earlier this year, the company complemented its chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry Fudgeina flavors with a crème egg-inspired (à la Cadbury) variety just in time for Easter. Fudgeina offers free shipping in the United Kingdom and can deliver its chocolaty vulvas, anonymously or with a note, to recipients worldwide.

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