Sometimes, the ten minutes required to preheat the oven is just too long to bear. You want cookies, and you want cookies now. The world has finally embraced the fact that people eat cookie dough—regardless of the dangers of raw egg or flour—so companies took it upon themselves to manufacture safe, ready-to-eat dough. These vegan versions are spoonable, snackable, and utterly irresistible. From classic chocolate chip to decadent double fudge, grab a spoon and dig in. 

Is edible cookie vegan dough safe? 

If you grew up in the nineties or anytime before then, the popular consensus was that raw egg in cookie dough could transmit salmonella or some other awful food-borne disease. Given this information, one would logically assume that vegan cookie dough, naturally devoid of egg entirely, would be safe to consume. 

Vegnews.eatpastrytubEat Pastry

Unfortunately, the raw egg isn’t the only dangerous element in cookie dough. Who knew this innocent sweet could be so harmful, right? The FDA strongly cautions against consuming any food containing raw flour, as it is untreated and the processing of grains does not kill harmful bacteria. Since 2009, the FDA has reported 168 known illnesses and 20 hospitalizations traced back to foods like prepared cookie and cake mixes. Sure, the chances are slim, but if you’re enjoying vegan cookie dough made with raw flour, there is still a risk. 

The cookie doughs below (and all commercially available cookie dough intended to be enjoyed raw) are crafted with heat-treated flour. This kills the germs and is approved by the FDA as safe for consumption. 

Is edible cookie dough vegan?

Commercially available edible cookie doughs are free from raw egg, but not all of them are inherently vegan. Many contain dairy in the form of milkfat, butter, whey, and/or milk solids. 

Even so, there are “accidentally vegan” raw cookie doughs out there, as well as a number of intentionally plant-based options. Every product below is guaranteed vegan, so stock up and pace yourself—it’s easy to get carried away with more than just a spoonful of the sweet stuff. 

Edible vegan cookie dough

Grab your spoons and prepare for a treat unlike any other. Check out these 10 edible cookie doughs the next time your sweet tooth comes calling.



Packed with adaptogens, vegan collagen, and pea protein, this better-for-you cookie dough provides some sweet benefits. Each flavor comes in a scoopable jar (which you can definitely reuse) with baking directions on the side. The brownie flavor is very cocoa-forward, and none of the options are overly-sweet. Our favorites include Cinnamon Roll and Birthday Cake, but with 19 rotating flavors, it’s hard to pick just a few. We’re always tempted to turn on the oven, but truly, these doughs are far too good to bake. 
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VegNews.Cookiedough.BenandJerrysBen & Jerry’s

2 Ben & Jerry’s

Most are familiar with the feeling of elation while enjoying a scoop of ice cream and suddenly striking a massive chunk of cookie dough. It feels like you’ve struck gold. The vegan Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough chunks were made just for those individuals who plow into pints of ice cream just for the globs of dough. These chunks are divine on their own, but they’re also wonderful as an ice cream topping. Good to know: the Cinnamon Bun Snackable Dough is accidentally vegan! 
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Vegnews.eatpastrycoreEat Pastry

3 Eat Pastry

If eating straight out of a pint of ice cream seems decadent, try eating directly from a tub of vegan cookie dough. The Eat Pastry labeling offers baking instructions, but when the dough is this good and scoopable, it rarely ends up on a baking sheet. The all-vegan company offers chocolate chip, gluten-free chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, fudge brownie, and birthday cake. Craving more decadence? The brand took a hint from Ben & Jerry’s and created Cookie Dough Cores—single-serve cookie dough cups with fudge or salted caramel interiors. You can bake these as well, but why would you?
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vegnews.SweetlorensSweet Loren’s

4 Sweet Loren’s

This dedicated gluten-free and vegan company divides its products into two categories—premade cookie dough and edible cookie dough—but honestly, both are ready-to-eat straight from the fridge. The premade dough comes in a single tray lined with individual cookies (aka place-and-bake) while the edible variety is packed into a tub (perfect for spooning). Flavors range from classic chocolate chunk and sugar cookie to oatmeal cranberry and fudgy brownie, plus several iterations of “less sugar” options. Stock your fridge to ensure you always have something sweet on hand. 
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5 Bhu 

Vegan keto is hard, but the keto-friendly vegan cookie doughs from Bhu can make it a bit easier. Each gluten-free, protein-packed flavor is low-carb and sweetened with monk fruit. Options range from the classic chocolate chip to tropical chocolate coconut and intense double dark chocolate. Don’t even try to bake this—it’s meant for enjoying straight from the jar. 
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VegNews.SimpleTruthCookieDoughSimple Truth

6 Simple Truth

The Kroger brand of supermarkets has escalated its plant-based game in recent years. Simple Truth is Kroger’s organic range, and it recently debuted a place-and-bake-style, plant-based chocolate chip cookie dough. Put simply, it reminds us of childhood sleepovers and gorging on cookie dough in between bouts of pre-teen gossip. 
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7 Raised Gluten-Free

This gluten-free cookie dough comes in a pint—the perfect vessel for Netflix and noshing. The company keeps it simple with two outstanding flavors: chocolate chip and Double Fudge Chocolate. While ideal for scooping, this dough also works wonders in an ice cream cookie dough sandwich. Flatten a scoop of the dough, top with a mound of vegan ice cream, and squish it down with another flattened scoop of dough. Either consume immediately or let it set in the fridge to avoid drippage. There are so many ways to consume cookie dough. We hope we ignited your cookie creativity. 
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8 Doughy

Looking for a cookie dough that you can feel good about? Enjoy a spoonful of this clean label treat. All three varieties (chocolate chip, double chocolate, and peanut butter) are free from refined sugar, gluten, grains, and oil. What’s in it, then? Cashews, maple syrup, salt, baking soda, and vanilla … plus some peanuts, chocolate chips, and cocoa, depending on the flavor. With an ingredient list this healthy, we advocate for daily cookie dough indulgence.  
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9 Cappello’s

At around $15 per roll, this grain-free, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly cookie dough is the most expensive on our list. With 13 servings per package, it works out to be over a dollar per cookie. However, we can’t deny that both the double chocolate and traditional chocolate chip flavors are outstanding and undetectably gluten-free. Like cookie dough itself, every now and then, it’s okay to indulge.  
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Vegnews.donycCookie Do NYC

10 Cookie Dō NYC

While not exclusively vegan, we couldn’t resist the vegan-friendly four-pack that conveniently ships nationwide from this NYC-based sweet shop. Yes, it comes with two tubs of classic chocolate chip, but the gluten-free Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle was the flavor that made us click. We thoroughly enjoyed this flavor by the spoonful as well as microwaved for 15 seconds. Not quite dough and not-quite baked, this “cooking” method gave us the best of both worlds.  
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