This summer, legendary vegan brand Tofurky will expand its sub-line Moocho with new vegan cheese products. The new products include three flavors of vegan cheese shreds (Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Fiesta Blend) and three flavors of cream cheese (Plain, Garden Vegetable, and Strawberry). Tofurky first launched Moocho with three cheesecake flavors last February and is now developing it to become a stand-alone brand, with its own pastel-driven design concept and a focus on vegan cheese products. “From our perspective, there are simple, modern non-dairy cheese ingredient options available now that allow for a dairy-free taste and texture that more closely resembles dairy cheese,”  Tofurky and Moocho CEO Jaime Athos told VegNews. “With Moocho, we hope to close this gap between what is currently offered and what consumers want with new tasty, affordable, and accessible dairy-free foods. We also hope to reach new consumers beyond those loyal to Tofurky with a brand for past, present, and future dairy-free enthusiasts, who may reduce or eliminate dairy for dietary or health reasons” Moochoo will offer the shreds in 8-ounce bags at a suggested retail price of $4.99, while the cream cheese spreads will be sold in 8-ounce tubs for $4.50 each. The products will also be available in the foodservice sector, where the combination of the Moocho and Tofurky brands also presents an opportunity for providers looking to add both vegan meat and cheese from a single vendor. “Many people’s first experience with dairy-free cheese (and protein) is in a food-service environment,” Athos said. “Our restaurant partners can now rely on Moocho and Tofurky to fulfill a complete plant-based set, that consistently delivers irresistible menu items.”

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