As the world welcomes 2024, a unique and tasty offer comes from an unexpected duo: vegan cheese brand Violife and Travis Barker, the legendary drummer and producer of Blink-182. The two are uniting to kickstart the year with a special offer under the banner of the Wiiildy Good Breakfast Club, with a straightforward yet appealing message to consumers: “I would like to buy you breakfast.”

Barker, who has been vegan for 17 years, has been a fan of Violife for some time and first showcased its dairy-free cheeses on his Instagram earlier this year. In the post, he whipped up a vegan cheese quesadilla using Violife products, and exclaimed, “Damn, Violife is f*cking awesome.”

In 2024, Violife and Barker want to bring this “awesome” experience to others through The Wiiildy Good Breakfast Club, which was created to help consumers embrace plant-based living in the new year, when many embark on resolutions that focus on health and wellness. 

New year, free bagel

One third of New Year’s resolutions are focused on dietary improvements, and Violife is determined to support these goals with free vegan breakfast bagels through its Wiildy Good Breakfast Club.


The initiative involves gifting consumers with their first meal of the year: a vegan bagel paired with what Violife calls the world’s tastiest dairy-free cream cheese.

Starting January 1, enthusiasts of plant-based diets or those curious to try can visit the Violife Wiiildy Good Breakfast Club hub to claim their free bagels and dairy-free cream cheese, helping them embark on or continue their plant-based journey.

“The New Year offers the chance to shift your mindset, reset, and create better habits,” Olga Osminkina-Jones, Violife’s Global President and Chief Growth Officer, said in a statement. 

“In the words of Travis Barker ‘our products are f*cking awesome’ (excuse my French), which is why we are inspiring better habits by offering animal-free bagels and Violife dairy-free Cream Cheese,” Osminkina-Jones said. 

“You can stick to your plant-based, animal-free resolutions without compromising on taste,” she said.

The Wiiildy Good Breakfast Club is a comprehensive hub catering to anyone seeking plant-based breakfast options. It offers instructions for snagging the free breakfast—sent through Instacart—and features a wealth of New Year’s resolution inspiration, along with additional promotions and content available on Violife’s social media channels throughout January.

Travis Barker loves vegan food

It is no secret that Barker loves Violife’s vegan cheese. However, he’s a big fan of other vegan companies, as well. Together with his wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker, the 48-year-old drummer is a spokesperson for Daring Foods, which makes realistic vegan chicken in various formats.

VegNews.KourtneyTravis.DaringEllen von Unwerth

Barker also helped to open Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles more than a decade ago. The pioneering upscale vegan restaurant is now operating in three locations, including inside the Resorts World hotel and casino as the first upscale vegan restaurant on the Las Vegas strip.

Outside of the vegan food world, the musical artist is also the founder of a CBD-focused brand Barker Wellness, which offers a variety of tinctures and formulas that promote general well-being. As always, this brand—and everything Barker does—is vegan.

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