United Kingdom-based grocery chain Morrisons recently launched a giant vegan sausage roll. The new bakery item is filled with a soy-based mixture and features an imprint of the word “vegan” on the side of its flaky crust for easier identification. The footlong vegan sausage roll retails for £1 ($1.29) and weighs about 16.4 ounces. “Our original footlong sausage roll caught the imagination of the nation so we’ve worked hard to make sure everyone—including vegans—can now tuck into our creation,” Morrisons’ Pie Expert Steven Halford told Metro UK. “Sharing is optional.” UK’s vegan sausage roll craze was started by convenience chain Gregg’s when it launched the vegan version of the iconic savory pastry at select locations in January before expanding it to its more than 1,950 locations in March. In July, Gregg’s reported that its underlying profits increased by a whopping 58 percent in the first half of the year, thanks in large part to its Quorn-stuffed vegan sausage rolls. Other retailers took note of Gregg’s’ success and launched their own versions of the snack, including supermarket giant Tesco and British brand Wall’s Pastry—a 233-year-old company previously focused on making meat-based sausage rolls.

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