Today, vegan ice cream brand NadaMoo! unveiled its “I’m Green” packaging, a 100-percent renewable sugarcane-based packaging system that it will use for its entire line of 16 flavors sold at retailers nationwide and at the NadaMoo! Scoop Shop in its hometown of Austin, TX. The new Evergreen Sentinel packaging is made up of two components: a renewable sugarcane-based bio resin polyethylene coating and a paperboard product sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forest trees. Founded in 2005, NadaMoo! ethically sources its ingredients, including the coconuts it uses to make its vegan ice cream, with the mission of reducing the environmental impact of producing frozen desserts. “We are celebrating our 15th birthday this year and thought, what better way to make an impact than by offering consumers the most sustainably packaged plant-based ice cream,” NadaMoo! CEO and President Daniel Nicholson said. “Sort of a happy birthday to all of humankind, if you will.” 

Late into the process of repackaging its pints in renewable materials, NadaMoo! discovered that while the two materials used in its cartons are recyclable, the infrastructure of the recycling system as a whole makes it impossible for NadaMoo! to relay recycling messaging to its customers. “It’s come to our attention that while the packaging used in our new pints debuting this year is made from materials that can be recycled by Stanpac, our carton supplier, through their recycling partner who breaks down and separates the packaging components, there are FTC guidelines for recycling messaging that complicates the ability to share this news with consumers interested in the recyclability of our pints,” Nicholson said. “Our new knowledge of this complexity further reinforces the misconceptions within our society at large in our understanding of how our recycling system works down to the subtle nuances.” 

In 2019, the growing company expanded its distribution to select Target, Walmart, and Jewel-Osco locations across the US and debuted in Canada via retailers Metro, Longo’s Markets, and Save-on-Foods. NadaMoo! pints—packed in its new materials with a new color scheme and design—will debut at these retailers later this year.

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