Snacks infused with cheesy goodness are a guaranteed way to get us elbow-deep into the bottom of the bag while we lounge on our couch, watching plant-based cooking videos on YouTube. One chip, puff, or cracker is never enough to satisfy. To all who love crispy, crunchy, and salty noshes, this is for you. Here are 27 vegan cheesy snacks to satisfy your cravings. 


Cheez-Its are one of the iconic snack foods. Thankfully, there are a few picks for vegan versions of those irresistible crackers.

VegNews.FromTheGroundUp.CrackersFrom the Ground Up

1 From the Ground Up Crackers

These may look and taste like your basic vegan cheese square cracker, but they’re unique in that they contain vegetables! The cauliflower-based crackers come in Cheddar and Nacho cheese flavor, and the butternut squash-based crackers are infused with vegan parmesan. We promise—all you’ll taste is cheesy goodness. 
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VegNews.365WholeFoods365 by Whole Foods

2 365 by Whole Foods Market Gluten Free Vegan Cheddar Flavor Almond & Sunflower Seed Flour Crackers

A cross between a Cheez-It and a Wheat Thin, these large, crunchy vegan snacks are what those with gluten sensitivities crave. Gluten-free or not, there’s always a box of these crackers in our Instacart. 
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VegNews.GreenMustacheGreen Mustache Munchies

3 Green Mustache Munchies Crackers

There are so many reasons we love these gluten-free and organic crackers—starting with the fact that they are shaped like mustaches. Other reasons include the company’s commitment to sustainability. Green Mustache upcycles unsellable crackers into farm animal feed so nothing goes to waste. The Cheddarish, Spicyish, and Parmesan Rosemary flavors are all vegan.  
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VegNews.AncientProvisionsAncient Provisions

4 Ancient Provisions Organic Cheddar Cheezish Crackers

Take a bite. What do you taste? Cheddar flavor, yes. A hint of sea salt? You bet. What you won’t taste is green banana flour, but that’s the first ingredient. Mind blown. 
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VegNews.BacktoNatureBack to Nature

5 Back to Nature Plant Based Snacks 

A lot of vegan cheddar flavor is packed into these gluten-free square crackers. With a name like Cheddalicious, we’d expect nothing less. 
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6 Simple Truth Ancient Grains Vegan White Cheddar Rice Crackers

In 2020, Kroger’s Simple Truth better-for-you range launched 50 new plant-based foods. These vegan white cheddar rice crackers were just one of those accessible and delicious new launches. Good to know that wherever there’s a Kroger store, cheesy vegan snacks are nearby. 
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Nothing says “Welcome to my abode, friend” quite like a bowl of chips. From nacho cheese-flavored Doritos analogs to puffed chips, here are 10 kinds of cheesy vegan chips you can find in stores:

VegNews.FromtheGroundUp.TortillasFrom the Ground Up

7 From the Ground Up Cauliflower Nacho Tortilla Chips

What’s better than dipping a tortilla chip into a vat of vegan queso? Dipping a nacho-flavored tortilla chip into a vat of vegan queso. Win the party by bringing a few bags of these cheesy vegan chips.  
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8 Beanfields Chips

Made with a blend of black and navy beans, these cheesy vegan chips pack in four grams of plant-based protein per serving. Not bad for an indulgent-tasting snack! Flavors include nacho, spicy queso, cheddar, and cheddar and sour cream. 
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9 Ka-Pop Dairy-Free Popped Chips

Remember rice cakes? These crunchy, gluten-free snacks have a similar texture, but the similarities stop there. Ka-Pop’s popped chips are made with sorghum flour and are so much more palatable than the humble rice cake. Cheesy options include cheddar and sour cream and onion. 
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10 Hippeas Organic Chickpea Snacks

Never will we ever use regular tortilla chips for homemade nachos again. These chickpea flour-based Jalapeno Vegan Cheddar Tortilla Chips are the only acceptable option when Game Day (aka nacho season) arrives. 
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VegNews.PlantSnacksPlant Snacks

11 Plant Snacks Cassava Chips

Sure, the standard cheddar flavor of these vegan snacks is great, but Plant Snacks is the only vegan chip we’ve seen with a Beet and Vegan Goat Cheese flavor. These are what vegan cheese board dreams are made of. 
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VegNews.VeganCheesySnacks.QuePAsaQue Pasa Foods

12 Que Pasa Foods Nacho Tortilla Chips

Falling under the Nature’s Path corporation, these vegan nacho-infused tortilla chips are perfectly spicy, cheesy, and ultimately addictive. Bring on the chunky salsa and guac.  
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VegNews.EnjoyLifeEnjoy Life

13 Enjoy Life Lentil Chips

Enjoy Life first entered our radar with its vegan mini chocolate morsels and chocolate baking chunks, but in the years since, we have fully embraced the savory side of this allergen-friendly vegan company. We’re in love with every flavor of these cheesy vegan snacks—from the Garlic & Parmesan to the Margherita Pizza. 
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14Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips

This allergen-friendly company may have discontinued its vegan queso, but it also produces cheesy vegan chips for dipping. Try the nacho, ranch, or fuego if you dare! 
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Reminiscent of Cheetos puffs or Cheez Doodles, these crunchy little snacks are perfect for lunch boxes. 



We don’t have to tell you what iconic snack food Peatos seeks to replicate. These cheesy vegan puffs come in Fiery Hot and somewhat misleading No Cheese. The latter is indeed cheesy—they’re just made without dairy. These crispy cheese curls won Best New Product in 2022. We’re definitely addicted.  
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VegNews.FromtheGroundUp.StalksFrom the Ground Up

16 From the Ground Up Cheddar Cauliflower Stalks 

Just like the crackers from this vegan snacking company, these cheesy puffs contain cauliflower. Unlike your average puff, these “stalks” have a hole right down the center for an extra light and airy bite. 
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VegNews.CheesyVeganSnacks.OutstandingFoodsOutstanding Foods

17 Outstanding Foods Puffs

We have no idea how something so light and crispy can carry such a bold flavor. It’s easy to get to the bottom of the bag with these white cheddar-spiked vegan puffs. 
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18LesserEvil Paleo Puffs 

You don’t run into paleo and vegan too often, but LesserEvil has combined the best of both food philosophies to create a deliciously cheesy vegan snack. The “No Cheese” Cheesiness Paleo Puffs are USDA certified organic, kosher, vegan, and paleo-approved. Note: avoid the very similar-looking No Cheese Power Curls. While they’re dairy-free, they contain egg whites.  
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VegNews.AshapopsAsha Pops

19 Asha Pops Lily Seed Puffs

Puffed water lily seeds don’t sound all too craveable at first, but a handful of the Vegan Cheese flavored puffs will abruptly change your perspective of what is delicious. Bonus: each 100-calorie serving contains five grams of protein. Not bad for a tiny seed. 
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20 Hippeas Puffs

Chickpeas seem to do it all—from aquafaba to these tasty puffs, their versatility extends galaxies beyond hummus and falafel. These light and crispy snacks come in slightly spicy Nacho Vibes and umami Vegan White Cheddar packs. 
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21 Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs

The adorable sweet potato mascot enticed us to give these vegan snacks a try, but the taste and texture made us buy more. Since discovering this brand, we’ve tried all three cheesy puff varieties including vegan cheddar and vegan sour cream and onion.
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VegNews.EarthBalancePuffsEarth Balance

22 Earth Balance Puffs

Earth Balance has nailed vegan dairy. From its buttery sticks to these Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs, we wonder what dairy-based food it will tackle next.  
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VegNews.VeganRobsVegan Rob’s

23 Vegan Rob’s Puffs

Vegan Rob’s produces a medley of tantalizingly good vegan chips, crisps, and puffs. We are smitten with the cheddar puffs and fiery Dragon puffs which remind us of a certain snack often touted by a walking talking cheetah with sunglasses.
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VegNews.VeganCheesySnacks.VegNewsRhythm Superfoods

24 Rhythm Superfoods Chips

Kale never tasted so good. Rhythm Superfoods has turned this leafy green into crunchy, cheesy kale chips in the flavors Zesty Nacho and Kool Ranch. 
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Popcorn—the everyman’s snack. Just like one of the options in those tins filled with three different popcorn flavors, these are alluringly cheesy.

VegNews.LesserEvilPopcornLesser Evil

25 LesserEvil Popcorn 

You could sprinkle nutritional yeast on your popcorn, or you can let LesserEvil do the work. The “No Cheese” Cheesiness Organic Popcorn is perfect straight from the bag. 
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VegNews.SkinnyPopSkinny Pop

26 Skinny Pop Popcorn

There are very few foods you can eat three-and-a-half cups worth that only equate to 150 calories. This snack may be extremely low in calories, but it’s high in vegan cheesy flavor. Opt for the white cheddar variety in the yellow bag, as the brand also makes a dairy-based age white cheddar flavor as well. 
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VegNews.BjornQornBjorn Qorn

27 Bjorn Qorn

This vegan popcorn is as fun to eat as it is to say. Simply seasoned with sea salt and nutritional yeast, it achieves a cheesy taste without additives, colors, or ingredients we can’t pronounce. 
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