California-based food technology startup JUST recently hit a milestone of selling more than 2 million JUST “eggs.” The statistic is based on the chicken-egg equivalency of JUST’s vegan mung bean-based scrambled eggs. The majority of sales of the egg replacer have occurred since its retail launch in September 2018 in the United States, as well as foodservice sales of its liquid and baked egg patties. “Two million is good, but we’re pushing for two billion in the next few years,” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick told VegNews. “I’m grateful to my team and the customers out there who made this big milestone happen.” JUST Egg first debuted on the menu at San Francisco eatery Flore in 2017 before expanding to select restaurant menus such as vegan chain Veggie Grill. The product is currently available at several retail stores nationwide, including Wegman’s, Hy-Vee, and Fresh Thyme, where it is sold alongside animal-based liquid eggs. After just one week on store shelves, JUST Egg outsold all of its category competitors—including chicken-based liquid eggs by popular brand Egg Beaters—at one major retailer.

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