Taco stands and Mexican food trucks may never grow old, but there’s a new pop-up trend that’s offering hungry pedestrians a choice beyond vegan barbacoa and carnitas. Pop-up pizza joints have infiltrated the street food scene, bringing a new meaning to pizza delivery. From thick and fluffy focaccia crusts to wood-fired pies with homemade vegan mozzarella, traveling pizzaiolos have mastered the art of pizza on-demand. In honor of National Pizza Day and this burgeoning pop-up craze, check out these six vegan pizza pop-ups and get yourself a slice (or four).



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1. The Pizza Plant Truck
What started as a “to-go” only concept is now hitting the streets of Los Angeles in a decked out, bright green tour bus-sized pizza kitchen. If the artwork doesn’t catch your eye, the menu certainly will. Each unique pie is prepared on a handmade focaccia or gluten-free crust, then loaded with a symphony of creative-yet-complimentary sauces, toppings, and garnishes. Try the Roman Holiday with roasted eggplant, cashew mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, San Marzano marinara, cherry tomatoes, pecan parmesan, basil, and balsamic drizzle. Want to create your own? The “I’m CEO, B**ch!” lets customers choose from three sauces, five vegan cheeses, five vegan meats, and countless veggies. Be warned: these pizzas are deliciously hefty. Buy one and you’ll be set for lunch and dinner (or split one with a friend).



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2. Love Amaro Pizza
Coming in hot! This roaming pizza concept is serving up gourmet vegan pies across southern California in 90 seconds flat. The tent and portable wood-fired pizza oven makes regular stops in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange counties, attracting longer lines with each visit. The thin crust pizzas have a perfectly puffy and slightly charred outer rim with a delicate and toothsome crust. Play it safe with the Lovely Pepp or Margarita, or indulge and order the Nacho, Alfredo & Italian Crumbles, or Mac & Cheese pizzas.



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3. S+M Vegan
While chef-owners Shane and Marie do way more than pizza, this vegan culinary couple has a way with bread and (vegan) cheese. The company held a short stint in Los Angeles before heading back up north to its home in the San Francisco area. Shane and Marie now hold regular pop-ups which feature their Singaporean and Italian roots. The menu is classic Sicilian style, featuring traditional homemade toppings such as pure and simple marinara, vegan sausage, torn kale, and housemade vegan mozzarella. Find them at a pop-up near you, or order their services for a special event. If you’re in the Bay area, there is no better excuse to throw a vegan pizza party when S+M Vegan is at your disposal.  



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4. What It Dough
At this pizza pop-up in Honolulu, you bet they put pineapple on pizza—and they’re proud of it! While this particular fruity topping is highly controversial in pizza circles, the taste, creativity, and quality of What It Dough is non-negotiable. If pineapple pizza makes you cringe, opt for one of the many other standout pies, such as the Pesto Royale with “no goat cheese,” basil pesto, vegan Italian sausage, and spicy marinated peppers. All pies are wood-fired and come with that brilliant char-speckled crust. This, along with the medley of colorful and artfully arranged toppings, make What It Dough creations Instagram-worthy.



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5. New Ethic Pop Up
Fancy a Gorilla Biscuit? How about an Uncle Buck? Find these distinct pizza pies at a new monthly vegan pop-up in Rochester, NY. Despite the unusual names, the ingredients are familiar and mouthwatering. The Gorilla Biscuit features a Rochester-style crust with garlic marinara, vegan cheese, banana peppers, onions, and vegan sausage. Dear Uncle Buck is topped with housemade marinara, vegan cheese, house-marinated tempeh bacon, caramelized onions, balsamic glaze, a dusting of dried rosemary. If these filling pies aren’t enough, you can also pick up a side of vegan chicken wings that are perfectly seasoned and glazed. Follow @newethicvegan on Instagram for the date and location of the next pop-up event.



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6. Sizzle Pie
This vegan-friendly pizza parlor encourages all patrons to “eat pizza every day.” With eight brick-and-mortar locations throughout Portland, Seattle, Eugene, and Reno, those within the Pacific Northwest are certainly getting their fill. However, those farther south often get a taste of Sizzle Pie, as the company travels to various vegan festivals and major events, like Los Angeles’ Eat Drink Vegan. It also hosts pop-ups at limited engagement art shows throughout the Portland area. The New York pizza-style menu varies from the simple Spiral Tap (caramelized onion spread, marinara, and nutritional yeast) to the outrageous Buffalo 666 (shredded buffalo jackfruit, vegan mozzarella, red and green onions, finished with a spattering of vegan ranch and wing sauces). Follow the company on Instagram to find its next event.


Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

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