Yogurt brand Siggi’s—known for its Icelandic-style “skyr”—will debut its first line of plant-based yogurts at grocery stores this month. The company worked for two years to develop the recipe for its new line, which is made with a proprietary blend of coconut, macadamia nut, and pea protein. “I am very excited to offer consumers a plant-based option of our popular products. Like our dairy products, our plant-based products are rich, creamy, lower in sugar, and higher in protein than what’s available on the market today,” Siggi’s Founder and Chairman Siggi Hilmarsson said. “Nearly 15 years ago, we started a low-sugar, simple ingredient revolution with our signature skyr, and now continue to deliver on that commitment in plant-based as well.” Siggi’s plant-based yogurt will initially be available in four flavors: vanilla cinnamon, mixed berries, raspberry, and mango. A growing number of traditionally dairy-driven companies have recently released plant-based yogurt lines to keep up with changing consumer demands, including Danone (which debuted dairy-free yogurt line Good Plants last year); Chobani (which expanded its plant-based line to include oat milk-based yogurts last month); and Yoplait (which released a dairy-free version of its popular French-style Oui line this month). 

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