Zostel Agra—a leading location of India’s largest backpacker hostel chain—will now serve two vegan meals per week and add vegan options to the permanent menu. According to animal-rights organization Vegan Outreach—which worked with the hostel to update its menu—the addition of vegan options will result in it serving an average of 5,200 vegan meals per year and reduce Zoftel Agra’s consumption of dairy and meat products by approximately 30 percent. Vegan Outreach is continuing to work to expand the initiative to other locations across India. “The demand for vegan food in India is growing,” Richa Mehta, Outreach Coordinator at Vegan Outreach, said, “and Zostel Agra is setting an example we hope to see similar businesses and institutions follow.” Vegan Outreach works with various businesses to help them introduce vegan options to better serve their clientele. In May, Vegan Outreach helped pizza chain Piola add Follow Your Heart vegan cheese to the menu of 10 out of its 13 United States locations. This year, the organization began working with food-service provider Delaware North to add vegan options to the menu at San Francisco International Airport which now offers a vegan poke bowl made with marinated tofu instead of fish, with more dishes on the way.

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