One quarter (25 percent) of the British population is predicted to go vegan by 2025, according to United Kingdom supermarket Sainsbury’s. The grocery chain recently marked its 150th anniversary by publishing forward-thinking Sainsbury’s Future of Food report wherein it predicts the landscape of the food industry in 2025, 2050, and 2169. In its report, Sainsbury’s predicted a mass movement away from meat, which it thinks might fall under a “sin tax” in the future, and toward both cellular agriculture and plant-based alternatives. “Vegans, those who eat no meat, eggs, or animal products, are still in the minority at around 600,000 in the UK,” the report stated. “However, with the rise of an ecologically aware new generation, driven by health concerns and environmental determination, vegetarians (including vegans) look set to make up a quarter of British people in 2025, and flexitarians just under half of the UK consumers.” To stay on top of the vegan movement, Sainsbury’s regularly expands its vegan offerings, which include a 119-item vegan makeup line, plant-based meat products from The Meatless Farm, and recently launched Vegan Ribz by British brand Plant Power.

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