United Kingdom supermarket chain Tesco began expanding its plant-based Wicked Kitchen line this week. The prepared food line, which debuted in January with 20 items, was created by vegan chef Derek Sarno—Tesco’s executive chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation (as well as co-founder of the brand Wicked Healthy with his brother, Chad Sarno). The new additions include Charred Pineapple Dream Cake and Red Velvet Brownie, and by Christmas, the line will expand with a total of 26 new items such as Spicy Veg and Mushroom Sourdough Pizza, brandy-spiked Packed Puff Pie, Filthy Fiery Fries, and All The Rage Rolls—the UK’s first vegan sausage roll. “This is a dream come true for us,” Derek Sarno said. “At the start of the year, I said that veganism was going mainstream, and—as plant-based options are taking over the supermarket shelves—that belief is fast becoming a reality.” In addition to the Wicked Healthy line—which sold 4 million units 33 weeks after its launch—Tesco added plant-based steak Vivera and vegan pizzas made by European brand Oumph! to its shelves this year.

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