Today, vegan mac and cheese became available for managers at Trader Joe’s to order for their stores, a Trader Joe’s manager confirmed confidentially to VegNews. The new product is a ready-to-eat, 20-ounce meal and will retail for $4.79 in the refrigerated section. The manager does not yet know if the product is available to Trader Joe’s’ store managers nationwide. In recent months, Trader Joe’s has added a variety of new vegan products to its shelves, including Vegan Chicken-Less Seasoning, coconut milk-based ranch, and coconut milk-based whipped cream (which it brought back last year after discontinuing the product in 2017). In October, Trader Joe’s released Non-Dairy Oat Beverage, its own private-labeled oat milk, before debuting highly anticipated Plant Based Protein Patties (it’s take on next-level vegan burgers) in January. According to Trader Joe’s insiders, the development team is also working to create a vegan milk chocolate bar made with almond milk.

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