Social media has become the one-stop resource for news and inspiration, and these talented Black vegans are using their Instagram accounts to advocate for veganism through a variety of approaches: nutrition and wellness tips, budget-friendly recipes, community organizing, and filmmaking, to name a few. So pull out your phones and queue up your Instagram, because you’ll want to follow these 25 standout accounts immediately.


1 Jazz (@diaryofamadblackvegan)

Delicious vegan food inspo with a side of humor? That’s this Instagram account in a nut shell. Check out her ultra-relatable reels on what it means to be a vegan eater in a non-vegan world and delicious recipes for dishes such as vegan BEC sandwiches. 
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2 Fabiola (@shinewithplants)

This bright and cheerful account features the plant-forward eats of this family of three. Helmed by one incredible mom, Fabiola’s followers get a peek into how she feeds her three-year-old, as well as how they maintain a healthy balance as a busy family through exercise and mindfulness. 
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john lewis

3 John Lewis (@badassvegan)

CEO of Badass Vegan and Live Vegan Smart protein, as well as a public speaker and a producer and director for the Hungry for Justice film, as well as documentary They’re Trying to Kill Us, this motivational account balances social justice activism with a healthy dose of humor. 
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4 Todd Anderson (@turnipvegan)

“Check the vibes,” says Anderson as he begins each of his Instagram reels. Owner of San Diego eatery, Spoiled Vegans cafe, and TikTok personality, Anderson offers delicious plant-based recipe videos ranging from his many lion’s mane mushroom recipes to fresh squeezed juice combinations, and so much more.
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5 Genesis Butler (@genesisbutler_)

Teenage Butler has been showing up for animals since the young age of six by attending protests, giving TedTalks, and speaking out for various animal rights organizations. Her account shows that you’re never too young to change the world and inspire others by using your voice.  
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6 Berto Calkins (@whatsgoodberto)

This personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist takes a holistic and accessibility-focused approach to veganism, offering wellness inspired lifestyle tips, funny vegan memes, and fitness tips to his following. Plus don’t miss his foodie account @wholelottafoodshit for the ultimate vegan junk food shots.
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7 Rachel Ama (@rachelama_)

Based out of London, this vegan blogger, cookbook author, and YouTuber’s feed is filled with mouthwatering recipe creations and glowy, cruelty-free skincare tips. She also shares insight into her fitness journey, music recommendations, and fun collabs with other vegan YouTubers. 
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8 Koya Webb (@koyawebb)

If meditation, yoga, breathwork, or holistic health are among your interests, you absolutely must give Webb a follow. This founder of Get Loved Up (a holistic health school for women of color) shares mindfulness tips, cooking tips, and motivational reminders to help her following achieve a peaceful, healthy, and balanced life. 
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9 Malinda Simpson (@kindred.vegan.souls)

Homemade vegan recipes, local foodie finds in Dallas, TX, and cruelty-free beauty recommendations can all be found on this plant-based lawyer’s feed. Check out her recipes for vegan fried chicken, hash brown breakfast sandwiches, and vegan Jamaican jerk shrimp with coconut rice
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10 Desirée Daniels (@icanyoucanvegan)

This food photographer and blogger is (peacefully) killing the recipe game with gorgeous food shots of all her recipes for classic, staple dishes plus her favorite plant-based foodie finds at restaurants and bakeries. Don’t miss her highlight reels offering helpful advice on where to eat when traveling to places such as Beijing, Tokyo, Boston, Bangkok, and more. 
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11 Haile Thomas (@hailethomas)

We’re endlessly inspired by this 21-year-old CEO and food justice activist’s creative feed, filled with self-love and wellness insights, thoughts on being a first-time author, and recipe creations with popular vegan companies and brands. 
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12 Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

What can’t this vegan social media sensation do? First she made Whole Foods plant-based TTLA sandwich into a viral moment, then she became a New York Times bestselling author and opened her first plant-based restaurant in Los Angeles. Through it all, she’s kept us laughing with her nearly daily IGTV videos and reviews of vegan products. 
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13 Tracye McQuirter (@byanygreens)

Vegan for 33 years, best-selling author, and award-winning public health nutritionist, are just a few of the many accomplishments McQuirter can claim. Her IG account offers inspiration to followers to take their health into their own hands by way of a plant-based diet. Her latest mission? Launching an online program to help 10,000 black women go vegan last year.
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14 Lloyd Rose (@plantcrazii)

This Canadian-based vegan recipe creator is a great follow for plant-forward recipe videos tackling dishes such as Crusted Mushrooms, Caramelized Spaghetti, and Brown Stew Jackfruit. 
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15 Brooklynne Palmer (@beetsbybrooke)

Dallas-based medical student and cat mom, Palmer’s IG highlights plant-based nutrition tips, helpful advice on dealing with stress, and (of course) lots of vegan cooking and restaurant finds! We’re obsessed with her Highlight Reel touring black-owned Dallas vegan spots. 
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16 Gabrielle Reyes (@onegreatvegan)

Nicknamed the “musical chef,” this TV personality, singer, and vegan recipe content creator brings a spark of upbeat joy to each of her plant-based Instagram recipe reels. Wth features on the Food Network, Today Show, and CNN, Reyes is bringing vegan food to the masses with a hint of singing. 
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17Nzinga Young (@veganzinga)

This 25-year veg eater and model fills her account with super relatable and humorous videos that tackle the misconceptions and joys of being vegan. From vegan travel reels to meal inspiration, this gorg account is a must-follow. 
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18 Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul)

Known as Sweet Potato Soul, this longtime plant-based blogger and YouTuber’s colorful feed offers endless inspiration for meal prepping, healthy living, and insight into being a single mom. Plus, don’t miss her IGTV videos on budget-friendly vegan tips!
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19 Bryant Terry (@bryantterry)

Award-winning, two-time author and chef-in-residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, CA, we’ve long been fans of Terry’s food justice work and incredible plant-based Afro-Asian recipes. Trust us, you’ll want to keep his vegan cookbooks stocked in your kitchen. 
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20 Will Edmond (@willedmond)

“So you wanna go vegan, right?” That’s how many of Edmond’s encouraging and accessible recipe videos start. From helpful vegan grocery shopping guides to recipes for Southern dishes like Hummingbird Cake, Edmund’s Instagram makes veganism seem like a joy with his daily content posts. 
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21 Alexis Nicole (@blackforager)

Have you ever wondered what herbs, vegetables, roots, and mushrooms are edible in the local community around you? Nicole’s Instagram and TikTok are wonderful resources for the historical origins and cultural connections to foraging, as well as helpful resources and tips for identifying vegetation. 
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22 Dominick Thompson (@domzthompson)

This vegan activist, athelete, and creator of vegan meal planning service Eat What Elephants Eat, shares his vegan journey through the lense of Black veganism, along with photos of his rescue dog, and funny insights into daily life. 
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23 Lauren Von Der Pool (@queenofgreen)

This celebrity plant-based chef to stars such as Serena and Venus Williams, Stevie Wonder, Common, and Patti Labelle, served as executive chef for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign and is a former contestant on cooking competition Chopped. She uses her IG to promote healthy, mostly raw foods and her artistic food creations. 
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24 Chrissy Tracey (@eatwithchrissy)

The first Black vegan chef to join the team at Bon Appetit, Tracey has been carving out a space for plant-based food in the world of food media through her lively appearances in their YouTube channel and accessible approach to eating on her Instagram. 
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25Ashley Renne Nsonwu (@heyashleyrenne)

Co-host of the podcast Beauty + Impact and sustainability focused mother, Nsonwu fills her account with helpful tips for vegan families, eco-friendly living tips, insight into non-vegan ingredients, and so much more. 
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