In the US, online grocery sales have soared over the last four years. Popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic, buying groceries online helps consumers save time. And, if you’re feeling under the weather, grocery delivery is a great way to stock up on essentials while you recover from the comfort of home. 

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Since the pandemic, online grocery sales have increased a whopping 131 percent in the US. According to CapitalOne, sales are projected to grow at an annual rate of nearly 21 percent. Last year alone, more than half of Americans over the age of 18 purchased groceries online in 2022. And globally, $654 billion were spent on online groceries last year. 

Instacart, DoorDash, and Amazon are just a few platforms where you can purchase groceries online. But, if you’re looking for specialty vegan items, chances are these mainstream services may not always provide exactly what’re you looking for. So, why not shop with an all-vegan grocer?

Here, we’ve gathered 7 vegan online markets (listed in no particular order) to shop with. Some even carry home goods, body care essentials, and closet staples—all made without animal cruelty. So get ready, get set, shop!

7 online vegan markets for all of your shopping needs

VegNews.veganessentialsproducts.veganessentialsVegan Essentials

1 Vegan Essentials

As one of the original online vegan markets, Vegan Essentials has paved the way for others to open up shop. As the name indicates, it has all the essentials—pantry staples, vegan meats and cheeses, pet food, and more. But this store also has a whole section dedicated to “rare vegan finds.” This is the page to check out if you’re in the mood for British favorites like Heinz Baked Beans With Vegan Sausages, Cadbury’s Plant Bars, and Galaxy Hot Chocolate.
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VegNews.mindblowncoconutshrimpMind Blown

2 GTFO It’s Vegan

This virtual grocer carries many of the coveted brands that may be hard to find in mainstream stores. Fill your cart with Vegaliano Vegan Truffle Parmesan, Plant Based Seafood Co. Mind Blown Coconut Shrimp, Jacked! Jackfruit Jerky, and so much more.
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VegNews.bestiesveganparadiseBesties Vegan Paradise

3 Besties Vegan Paradise

If you’re looking for the very best independent brands in the plant-based food industry, you have to check out Besties Vegan Paradise. As the name suggests, it’s a corner of the internet dedicated to building a dreamy destination of entirely vegan brands “free of human oppression, corporate profiteers, animal cruelty, and all of those putting profit over people.”
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VegNews.thrivemarketbags.thrivemarketThrive Market

4Thrive Market

This wellness-focused virtual Costco isn’t completely vegan, but we can’t stay away from the discounted prices that come with an annual membership. For $5 a month ($59.95 billed annually), members receive up to 30  percent off retail prices of popular products. Purchase everything from spices and seasonings to plant milk and vegan wine.
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5 PlantX

PlantX is, without a doubt, one of the biggest online market spaces dedicated to vegan-only foods and products. Founded in 2011, the Canadian retailer offers everything you could possibly desire to fill up your fridge and pantry (including Tofutti cream cheese and Partake cookies). Approach with caution, because once you start scrolling, you will want to keep spending.
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VegNews.choppingboard.veganblackmarketVegan Black Market

6 Vegan Black Market

Need a sweatshirt that says “Eat Beans, Not Beings?” Check out the Vegan Black Market. This shop offers a range of vegan-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests, as well as handy essentials like water bottles and cutting boards, too.
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VegNews.veganhandbag.veganwarehouseThe Vegan Warehouse

7The Vegan Warehouse

Consider this warehouse an Etsy-meets-Target situation. The shop houses apparel and accessories, home goods, makeup, and body care products from multiple trusted vegan brands. Click around to find independent companies you’ve yet to discover and fall in love with their products. From bucket bags to hair spray, find it at the warehouse.
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