The English county of Worcestershire might be home to rich history and medieval buildings, but around the world, it is, arguably, best-known for a condiment. And that’s because, way back in the 19th century, two chemists living in the county created the deliciously sour, tangy, salt, and sweet sauce that we now know as Worcestershire sauce. The original recipe they created contains fish, but today, it is easy to find vegan versions of this tasty condiment. Here are some of the brands selling vegan Worcestershire sauce now, plus some of the best plant-based recipes to use it in. 

What is Worcestershire sauce?

There aren’t many condiments that work as well in a meatloaf as they do in a cocktail, but Worcestershire sauce (one of the key ingredients in a Bloody Mary) fits the bill. It was first created by two chemists, called John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, in the early 1800s. The story goes that the two men were commissioned by a British aristocrat, called Lord Sandys after he visited India and tasted a fish-based local chutney during his trip. He was so taken with the sauce, he wanted Lea and Perrins to attempt to recreate the flavors.

Their first attempt was a flop, but after abandoning the mission and leaving the sauce down in a basement for two years, the chemists later discovered that the aging process was actually the key to a delicious, versatile, and umami-rich condiment. And so, Worcestershire sauce was born. Today, the market for the sauce—which is made with ingredients like vinegar, garlic, molasses, salt, anchovies, and sugar—is valued at more than $956 million.

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Is Worcestershire sauce vegan-friendly?

Lea and Perrins’ creation hit the market in 1837, and it can still be bought today. But because the recipe contains anchovies (a small saltwater fish), it’s not vegan. Many other Worcestershire sauce brands have stayed true to the chemists’ original recipe and also use fish in their products, but many have also chosen to omit the anchovies, and this means that there are a number of vegan Worcestershire sauce options on the market.

Brands that sell vegan Worcestershire sauce

Here are some of the best vegan Worcestershire sauce options.

VegNews.WizardsThe Wizard’s Sauces

1 The Wizard’s Sauces

Made with organic brews and seasonings, The Wizard’s Worcestershire sauce is not just vegan, but it’s also gluten-free.
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VegNews.WholeFoodsWorcestershire2Whole Foods Market

2 365 Organic Worcestershire Sauce

Whole Foods’ 365 spin-off range offers several, affordable plant-based products, including Organic Worcestershire Sauce. It’s a little thicker than the original recipe, but still just as tasty.
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3 Haddar 

If you’re looking for a fish-free Worcestershire sauce, perfect for Passover recipes, try Imitation Worcestershire Sauce from Haddar, which specializes in kosher products.
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VegNews.WanJaShanWan Ja Shan

4 Wan Ja Shan

Wan Ja Shan is known for its great-tasting soy sauces, so it makes sense that it has also turned its hand to creating deliciously tangy Worcestershire sauce too.
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VegNews.UrbanPlatterUrban Platter

5 Urban Platter

India-based grocery store Urban Platter is an online marketplace, but it also has its own range of private-label products, including flavorful vegan Worcestershire sauce.
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VegNews.RobbiesRobbie’s Natural

6 Robbie’s Natural 

If you’re looking for any vegetarian, fat-free, gluten-free condiment (including, of course, Worcestershire sauce) try Robbie’s Naturals first.
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VegNews.Bear&BurtonsBear & Burton’s

7 Bear & Burton’s

Bear & Burton’s makes its own W Sauce, which it claims is America’s answer to the iconic Worcestershire sauce recipe. While it’s original product contains fish, since 2020, it has also offered an equally delicious fish-free version called Veganshire.
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8 Kroger

Next time you’re filling up your cart in Kroger and you remember you’re running low on Worcestershire sauce, you can just grab the chain’s own brand version! It’s totally fish-free.
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VegNews.LordSandysLord Sandy’s

9 Lord Sandy’s

Named after the man who allegedly started it all, Lord Sandy’s Worcestershire Sauce was designed to appeal to everybody, so it’s totally fish-free.
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VegNews.WholeFoodsWorcestershireO Organics

10 O Organics

O Organics specializes in high-quality affordable products, all of which are certified as organic by the USDA. Its fish-free Worcestershire sauce, for example, is made with organic sugar, vinegar, garlic, onion, spices, and molasses.
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VegNews.WildHarvestWild Harvest

11 Wild Harvest

Wild Harvest is another brand that specializes in organic, wholesome ingredients, and offers a number of different sauces. Its range includes Organic Tahini, Organic Roasted Garlic, and Organic Worcestershire Sauce.
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VegNews.ChiliMashCoChilli Mash Co

12 The Chilli Mash Company 

As the name implies, this UK brand has a niche specialty: chili mash. But that’s not all it offers. On its virtual shelves, you can also find a selection of spicy condiments, like Sweet Bonnet Hot Sauce, as well as Carolina Reaper Jam, and more mild options, like VWorcs, its own anchovy-free Worcestershire sauce.
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13 Bonsan

UK brand Bonson is on a mission to prove that plant-based ingredients can do everything that animal ingredients can do, but taste even better. That’s why it makes everything from Organic Kofu Steak to Organic Worcester Sauce (a match made in heaven, by the way.)
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How to make vegan Worcestershire sauce

Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or you’re a beginner, it’s also pretty quick and easy to whip up your own version of Worcestershire sauce without even leaving the house. This recipe from Namely Marly, for example, uses only eight ingredients, many of which you may have lying around in your pantry already. (We’re talking mustard, apple cider vinegar, tamari, brown sugar, spices, pepper, garlic, and onions.

What can you make with vegan Worcestershire sauce?

Whether you’ve grabbed it from the store or made a batch from scratch, after you’ve got your vegan Worcestershire sauce, the next step is figuring out just how you’re going to eat it. This condiment is so versatile, the options for use are literally endless. But to get you started, here are some delicious vegan recipe ideas, all of which call for Worcestershire sauce in some capacity. But honestly, it also tastes great on the side of the meal or drizzled over burgers or vegan steaks, so, if you don’t have the time or the energy, just dollop it on your plate—there’s no pressure to cook with it at all!

VegNews.PortabelloPotRoastA Virtual Vegan

1 Portabello Pot Roast

Two teaspoons of vegan Worcestershire sauce help to make this mushroom-based pot roast even more flavorful and umami-rich.
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VegNews.OysterMushroomPoBoyLauren Toyota

2Crispy Vegan Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy

Make this Louisiana classic even more delicious by marinating the mushroom filling in a Worcestershire sauce-based mix, and serve with homemade thousand island dressing.
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VeganLinguineBrianna Claxton

3Linguine With Vegan White Clam Sauce

Just two teaspoons will do the trick when it comes to boosting the flavor of this tasty vegan linguine recipe. Plus, it swaps real clams for jackfruit to get all the texture of the traditional dish without the animals.
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VegNews.BangersandMashLauren Toyota

4Meaty Vegan Bangers and Mash With Herbed Gravy

Bangers and mash is a simple, yet super-satisfying and delicious dish. To really enhance the flavor of the gravy (a vital component of this English classic), add two tablespoons of vegan Worcestershire sauce.
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