Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, just added meatless hot dogs to all of its 327 locations across 10 states nationwide. The new options at Wienerschnitzel feature Field Roast’s Signature Stadium Dog, a new vegan hot dog developed by Field Roast that is made from pea, brown rice, and fava bean protein and is double smoked using maple hardwood wood chips and a combination of steam and dry heat. 

“​​Few foods stir passion like hot dogs, and we’re proud to satisfy that all-American hot dog craving for plant-based consumers nationwide through our continued partnership with Wienerschnitzel,” Dan Curtin, President of Field Roast’s parent company Greenleaf Foods, said in a statement. “It’s an honor to partner with such a popular and iconic restaurant chain where hot dogs aren’t just an option—they’re the menu’s focus.” 

Field Roast’s hot dogs will be available for a limited time in three options on the Wienerschnitzel menu: Backyard (topped with dairy-based American cheese, a pickle spear, tomato, ketchup, and mustard); Barbeque Veggie Dog (served with barbecue sauce, a pickle spear, and onions), and Chicago Veggie Dog (topped with a pickle spear, tomato, sport peppers, onions, relish, mustard, and celery salt). The buns used are not free from animal products and The Backyard Veggie Dog is topped with dairy-based cheese.

Wienerschnitzel is promoting its new Veggie Dogs with a $1 off coupon valid through January 31, 2022. 


Vegan hot dogs arrive at Wienerschnitzel

Americans consume approximately 20 billion hot dogs per year and at Wienerschnitzel (which serves more than 120 million hot dogs annually), they now have three meatless options that are better for animals, human health, and the planet. The national launch of Field Roast’s hot dogs follows a successful 30-unit test the hot dog chain conducted last February.

“We’re excited to bring the Field Roast plant-based dogs systemwide following the great consumer response in our in-market tests across California, Texas, and New Mexico,” Doug Koegeboehn, Chief Marketing Officer of Wienerschnitzel, said in a statement. “Consumers are eager to try plant-based options, and those who have tried our Veggie Dogs keep coming back for more. We look forward to making the product even more accessible with this national expansion.” 

Iconic hot dogs get a meatless makeover

In addition to Wienerschnitzel, Field Roast’s new smoked vegan hot dogs have helped other iconic hot dog-centric businesses add a meatless option. Last year, fusion street food pioneer Roy Choi added Field Roast’s vegan hot dog to his legendary Kogi Truck in Los Angeles. There, the vegan hot dog is part of The Home Run, which features Choi’s signature Kogi slaw, cilantro-onion lime relish, salsas roja, verde, and naranja, roasted sesame seeds, and is smothered with vegan cheese made by Field Roast’s sister brand Chao Creamery and is served on a toasted bun. Choi and Field Roast also signed a long-term partnership in which the chef will promote Field Roast’s plant-based meats and cheeses to the culinary community.  

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Field Roast hit another home run last year when it partnered with baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers to create a vegan version of the popular Dodger Dog. The Plant-Based Dodger Dog, which is made with a choice of toppings, is now available at select concessions and suites across the Dodger Stadium during home games. 

And perhaps one of the most iconic hot dogs in the US, Nathan’s Famous, also underwent a plant-based makeover last year. Known for its annual hot dog eating contest, the New York-based restaurant chain and food company created the plant-based Coney Island hot dog in partnership with vegan brand The Meatless Farm. In April 2021, Nathan’s released its first meatless hot dog as a kit available for purchase through its website (where it is currently sold out) with a promise of adding the new option to its physical locations in New York, Connecticut, Florida, and New Jersey and other outposts in the near future. 

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Editor’s note: this story has been updated to reflect that the buns offered at Wienerschnitzel are not vegan, a fact that was miscommunicated by a repesenative for the chain when this article was first published.  

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