Breakfast can stump a lot of new vegans. Even long-term vegans can get stuck in a rut, bored by monotony. Generally speaking, most of us are sleep-addled and hungry for something that we can’t put our finger on. Not everyone prepares an Instagram-worthy mini mason jar of overnight oats they can just “grab and go!” and the harsh sounds of blending a green smoothie make us cringe. These store-bought breakfast staples reliably offer nutrients, comfort, and satiety on any given morning. Here are the best vegan breakfast foods to stock up on. 



Catalina Crunch

This cereal tastes like “kid” cereal, but for adults. It’s sturdy and stands up to any plant milk you down it in, so while you may have to rush out the door, you don’t have to worry about scarfing down your cereal for fear of it getting soggy. The Dark Chocolate is a staple in our cupboards. Bonus: just a half cup contains 11 grams of plant-based protein. 


If there’s a child in the house, you’ll be fighting over this cereal. Sure, the adorable puffin is marketed toward kids, but there is no age limit to the satisfaction Peanut Butter Puffins provide. 

Purely Elizabeth Granola 

Embrace the vegan hippie stereotype and pour yourself a satisfying bowl of granola. Any brand will do, but before you buy, check the ingredients to ensure the mix is honey-free. We love Purely Elizabeth’s Blueberry Hemp flavor over vegan yogurt or straight from the bag. 


Yogurts & Cream Cheese

Califia Farms

No spoon needed, just unscrew the top and chug this drinkable yogurt as you endure back-to-back morning Zoom calls. Like dairy-based yogurt, these single-serve bottles contain protein and probiotics to support nutritional health. Flavors include Mango, Strawberry, and Super Berry.  


Former Yoplait lovers, check out Forager’s flavored cashew milk yogurts. The Blueberry flavor is outstanding, with Vanilla Bean not far behind. The brand also offers high-protein, Greek-style, and drinkable yogurts. 

Kite Hill

Greek yogurt enthusiasts, meet the vegan counterpart. Kite Hill’s decadently thick and creamy almond milk-based Greek yogurt deserves a spot in your fridge. Both the Plain and Vanilla varieties are unsweetened—providing a tart canvas for berries, granola, or a drizzle of maple syrup. 


To-Go Lattes


When the coffee shop line is too long, grab an Elmhurst Flash Brew Oat Latte or Matcha Oat Latte instead. Both options are creamy and caffeinated, which is sometimes all we need in the morning. 

RISE Brewing Co.

We like to keep a variety of RISE canned coffee drinks in the fridge at all times. Quicker than making yourself a pour-over or even pushing the button on your Nespresso machine, these single-serve beverages provide the caffeine jolt you need in a variety of flavors. Favorites include London Fog, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, and Oat Milk Mocha. 

For more canned coffee drinks, see here



Alpha Foods

There’s something primally satisfying about a microwave breakfast burrito. Both the Original Breakfast and Veggie Breakfast options scratch this itch. Vegan sausage, cheddar, and tofu scramble? Check. 


These mung bean-based egg patties are a game-changer. Use them to top toast, sandwich between a bagel, or cover with sliced avocado and salsa for a filling yet minimal-effort morning meal. 

Van’s Waffles

Not all of Van’s products are vegan, but we can’t get enough of the ones that are. The Original, Blueberry, and Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon frozen waffles have satiated us on many lazy Sunday mornings (especially when topped with nut butter and/or banana slices). 




Yes, overnight oats are easy to make, but they involve a level of preparation that doesn’t always happen. These packaged overnight oats are a go-to simply because they can be found in a plethora of coffee shops and cafés. It’s comforting to know that you don’t have to settle for a slightly stale plain bagel if you’re famished and on the go. 



Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix

Before intentionally vegan baking mixes existed, there was Bisquick Original. While it may not produce the best vegan pancakes you’ve ever had, it still reminds us of childhood sleepovers and tastes of nostalgia. 

Partake Baking Mix

Whether you’re in the mood for muffins, pancakes, or waffles, this all-in-one, gluten-free mix does it all. Keep a bag on hand and just add water for fluffy flapjacks and weekday waffles, then throw in some frozen fruit for muffins on the go. 


Baked Goods

Abe’s Muffins

Fair warning: these mini muffins can be addictive. They’re sweet, moist, and come in a variety of flavors from basic Blueberry to sinful Devil’s Food. Pop a few before you dash out the door. 

Whole Foods Vegan Croissants 

Find these flaky, buttery pastries in Whole Foods’ prepared frozen section. While we’re still spending much of our time at home, we love to heat one of these up in the oven, brew a strong cup of coffee, and pretend we’re sitting outside our favorite vegan-friendly café. 

Zen Bakery

We’re not sure how these Costco-sized muffins weigh in at under 300 calories each, but we’re thankful for them. These minimal-ingredient muffins are lightly sweetened with white grape juice and made with whole wheat flour, but the taste is anything but “healthy.” Favorite flavors include Carrot Cake and Banana Nut. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

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