Water. Soda. Booze … boring. This summer, we’re reaching into the ice chest for something a little more interesting. From effervescent and fruity to fermented and funky to “what the heck is this and why is it so good?” (seaweed water, it’s a thing)—however you choose to hydrate, you might as well do it with style. VegNews editors searched far and wide for the best next-level canned and bottled drinks to add to your summer rotation, and here’s what we found.

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Quitting soda, keeping the fun and nostalgia 

Whether you’re looking to kick a soda habit, cut back on sugar, or ease off alcohol, a new wave of bubbly beverages is helping consumers make better-for-them choices without sacrificing the fun and flavors they’ve come to love. Brooklyn Cannery’s grown-up approach to classic soda means favorites like cola, root beer, and ginger ale all get a dose of prebiotic fiber and have no added sugar. Plus, updated flavors like yuzu lemonade and key lime jalapeño deliver on taste. Hoplark’s lines of sparkling waters, teas, and “0.0” non-alcoholic beers are brewed and created with hand-picked hops to simulate the flavor of a hoppy IPA with none of the alcohol.

Brooklyn Cannery SodasBrooklyn Cannery

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The beverage industry moves toward heritage flavors 

With the canned beverage industry expected to reach more than $36 billion in market value by 2027, there’s more competition vying for shelf space than ever. One way brands are able to stand out and pique interest is by introducing consumers to culturally relevant flavors and ingredients.

Bawi Sparkling Agua FrescaBawi

Beverages of Mexico are proving ripe for exploration—Austin, TX-based Bawi has added carbonation to popular street cart aguas frescas while rising star brand De La Calle has found success with tepache—a pineapple-based kombucha-like drink—in a range of south-of-the-border flavors in high-style and eye-catching packaging. And drawing rich inspiration from the farmlands of Japan, Kimino specializes in refreshing sparkling juices and waters flavored with hand-picked oranges, plums, apples, and yuzu. 

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Hydrating with innovative ingredients

Wellness isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life, and our hydration choices are reflecting this. Oomee’s innovative, coming-soon-to-market Seaweed & Fruit Water showcases red algae—a sustainability powerhouse plant—that imparts soluble and insoluble fiber for enhanced gut health. Space Tea’s line of adaptogenic-enhanced Arnold Palmers helps to uplift energy and boost mental clarity, while Psychedelic Water—marketed as a hangover-free alternative to alcoholic drinks—relies on South Pacific kava to mellow and relax.

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10 drinks perfect for summer

With temperatures rising and summer just weeks away, reach for these 10 refreshing drinks to hydrate and cool down. 


1 Bubbly aguas frescas by Bawi

Aguas frescas—the fruity Mexican street drinks—are reimagined with a kick of carbonation in these high-style cans of pure refreshment. El Límon, La Piña, and Maracuyá (lime, pineapple, and passion fruit, respectively) aren’t just names emblazoned on the labels—they’re the tangy, succulent flavors you can expect with each sip thanks to a pared-down ingredient list of fruit, water, lime juice, and organic cane sugar. Summer in a sip … ahhh.

Space-TeaSpace Tea

2 Mushroom-infused Arnold Palmers by Space Tea

From earthy ‘shroom coffee to umami-rich chips, it’s clear we’re living in peak mushroom mania. And now, fungi have found their way into our tea, too. The Arnold Palmer gets a contemporary spin with lion’s mane and reishi. So now, boosting your immune system while tapping into zen mode is as easy (and refreshing) as cracking open a can of blueberry ‘shroom lemonade. 

Oomee Seaweed WaterOomee

3Marine plant and fruit water by Oomee

Bye, boring fruit punch pouches of yesteryear—and hello to these sugar-free juices redefining the category. Japanese agar-agar sourced from super-sustainable red algae is combined with cold-pressed lemon juice and organic fruit for a slightly sweet, subtly jellified drink (in flavors like strawberry-hibiscus, blueberry-elderflower, and peach-lemon) that’s both fun and packed with fiber to support your microbiome and digestion.


4 Hops-infused teas by Hoplark

A night out with friends and craft beers: fun! The next morning’s hangover: decidedly unfun! That’s why we’re opting for hop-infused sparkling tea made just like the beers you know and love … just without the alcohol. Ingredients like hand-foraged spruce tips, chamomile, and lavender are brewed with carefully selected hops for a range of bubbly bevs. Choose from teas with a hint of bitter-floral hoppiness to bold, IPA-level brews, and get back to the pub.

VegNews.PsychedelicWaterPsychedelic Water

5 Adaptogenic waters by Psychedelic Water

Summer is party season. But if booze and bud aren’t your idea of fun, try tapping into the euphoria of kava root. Fiji’s national drink, kava has long been used in the South Pacific for its relaxation-inducing properties, and in this iteration, tongue-tingling kava mixes with a kiss of green tea for a kick of caffeine to create the perfect harmony of vitality and zen. Sip away, sober soldiers. 


6 Japanese sparkling fruit juice by Kimino

Crisp water from Japan’s Hyogo mountains; hand-picked, seasonal fruit; and organic cane sugar—that’s all it takes to create these simple, lip-smacking, sparkling elixirs. Kimino employs small, family-owned farms in Japan’s lush countryside to source citrusy yuzu, tart ume plums, aromatic oranges, and Fuji Ringo apples for its drinks—using only what is necessary while conserving the natural environment. We’ll cheers to that. 

VegNews.BrooklynCanneryBrooklyn Cannery

7 Classic prebiotic pop by Brooklyn Cannery

Excess sugar, nutrient deficient, bad for your teeth—there are plenty of reasons to ditch conventional soda. But this isn’t your Pop’s pop. Chicory root gives each Brooklyn-crafted can a boost of prebiotic fiber, while real molasses and fresh ginger give flavors like Cola Amaretto and Ginger Beer their nostalgic tang. But for the more adventurous sipper, Key Lime Jalapeño won’t disappoint.

hibiscus-rose-premium-soda-seltzer-something-nothing-drink-usa-minSomething & Nothing

8 Premium botanical sodas by Something & Nothing

If you’re weaning off extra-sweet soda but run-of-the-mill seltzer isn’t cutting it, these sleek, crisp, plant-forward sodas are ready to step in. Extracts and botanicals—think rose, hibiscus, cucumber, and yuzu—provide the backbone, while lemon and grape juice add balance and sweetness. Enjoy them solo or as cocktail mixers, but one thing’s certain: it’s time to break up with boring seltzer.


9 THC & CBD tonics by Cann

So long, booze. There’s a new elixir stealing the scene at this year’s hottest soirées. A low dose of THC and oh-so-relaxing CBD combine for an alcohol-free buzz in these fizzy social tonics. Channel tropical vacation vibes with Pineapple Jalapeño or let the smooth-and-tart Lemon Lavender melt the stress away for a night of dancing.

VegNews.DeLaCalleTepacheDe La Calle

10 Tepache by De La Calle

Nearly 8,000 miles from—and roughly 500 years before—the advent of kombucha in China, another funky, fermented beverage was born in pre-Columbian Mexico. And today, it’s enjoying the spotlight once more. Tepache, made from fermented pineapple rather than tea, boasts a natural sweetness and a smoother, less vinegary taste than its Eastern counterpart with a dose of good-for-your-gut probiotics. And De La Calle’s Watermelon Jalapeño, Cactus Prickly Pear, and Tamarind Citrus flavors? Divine. 
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