During the early days of quarantine and lockdowns, we flocked to TikTok for much needed laughs, distraction, and even recipe inspiration. And we’re not the only ones. “Quarantine has turned me into Betty Mother-F*cker Crocker, so welcome to my cooking show,” Lizzo captioned on May 15. The singer, rapper, songwriter, and classically trained flutist can now add “vegan recipe developer” to her repertoire at the rate she’s been posting on TikTok. She first grabbed our attention with her spicy veganized version of the classic McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich, and we’ve been drooling over her recipe videos ever since. From simple frank and beans to vegan ice cream bread, she makes vegan cuisine accessible, fun, and utterly delicious. We’re pitching this to the Food Network, because if anyone can make vegan food mainstream, Lizzo can. 

1 Cheesy Takis

Hot Cheetos have amassed a cult-like following, but for vegans in the US, these crunchy spice-covered chips are off limits as they’re ladden with dairy. And while Lizzo feels our pain (she initally stopped eating them to help with her acid reflux), she’s developed a hack to satisfying our cravings. The Grammy-winner combines Japense yam potatoes with high-protein tofu, onion, garlic, nutritonal yeast, Kelly’s Gourmet Cheezy Parm, salt, pepper, habanero hot sauce, and Follow Your Heart’s smoked gouda to create a thick and creamy cheese sauce. Pour over a bowl of Takis and kiss Chester the Cheetah goodbye.
Watch the video here

2 Vegan frank and beans

You know someone has true talent when they can bust out a catchy tune with a strong beat about vegan frank and beans. Warning: watch this video once, and the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Lizzo whips up a pot of frank and beans by bringing two cans of baked beans and chopped red onion to a simmer over the stove. She then adds sliced vegan hot dogs and chopped vegan bacon. The video includes a full meal of a homemade iced grapefruit drink and a mixed greens strawberry salad. We know what we’re making for lunch tomorrow! 
Watch the video here

3 Vegan ice cream bread

Thank you, Lizzo, for introducing us to ice cream bread. How did we not know this existed? We looked up recipes and it’s literally two ingredients—vegan ice cream and self-rising flour. For this miraculous creation, she used Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Netflix & Chill’d. The caption demurely stated that her bake was good, but she’s using the leftover for French toast. We love how Lizzo’s mind works. 
Watch the video here

4 Vegan biscuits and fried oyster mushrooms (plus a salad)

Three days after the murder of George Floyd, Lizzo posted this video stating, “Hey, so I’m eating my feelings because the world continues to let me down.” The comforting meal consisted of cheesy jalapeño vegan sausage biscuits, homemade fried oyster mushrooms, and a strawberry salad. She’s fairly detailed in this video, so make sure to take notes to recreate this at home. 
Watch the video here

5 Lizzo’s garden

This artist’s kitchen is well-stocked! The video guides followers as Lizzo picks bib lettuce from her urban gardening tower and walks inside to find two baskets overflowing with sweet potatoes and bananas. In the next shot, she’s sprinkling seeds over avocado toast piled high with fresh chives. To conclude, she zooms over a bowl of bright berries and pours herself a glass of crisp sparkling water. If anything, the soothing ASMR experience is worth the watch. 
Watch the video here

6 Vegan Jamaican patties

This recipe is a little complex in that it’s doesn’t follow Lizzo’s typical minimal-ingredient videos. There are a lot of vegan products on her countertop, but that must be what makes these spicy patties so good. The tender savory pastries are stuffed with seasoned vegan meat, avocado sauce, and fresh cilantro from her garden. Even with the multiple steps, Lizzo makes cooking look so easy. 
Watch the video here

7 Cheesy avocado shells

Lizzo may have created something better than mac and cheese with this toss-together recipe. The star whipped up an herby avocado cream sauce and used it to coat nooch-sprinkled chickpea pasta shells. Served with a side salad of lettuce topped with lime-marinated tomatoes, this is definitely our new favorite way to eat our greens. 
Watch the video here

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Photo credit: @Lizzo

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