Is it really a celebration if you don’t have a glass of bubbly in hand? Of course. But for those who love something with a little fizz, a little sparkling wine certainly turns the party up a notch. During the festive season, Champagne is a go-to for many. And it makes sense: over the centuries, the French drink has become synonymous with celebration. In fact, it’s estimated that around 360 million glasses of Champagne or other sparkling wines are drunk every year on New Year’s Eve.

There are many ways to enjoy Champagne. Of course, it’s pretty delicious just on its own, but, when it comes to celebrating the holiday season, you also can’t beat a Champagne cocktail. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes just for you. 

But first, is Champagne always vegan?


Is Champagne vegan?

Champagne, which comes from the Champagne region in northeastern France (and only wines from this region can be labeled as Champagne), is often vegan—but not always. Like many wines, this isn’t actually down to the ingredients in the drink, but how it is produced.

Sometimes, animal-derived fining agents like gelatin, isinglass, egg whites, and casein are used to clarify and stabilize the wine, by removing impurities. That said, many brands now choose to use plant-based fining agents instead, like activated charcoal, for example.

5 vegan champagne brands

Below are just a few of the Champagne brands on the market that are considered vegan (and they are also some of the most prestigious and popular brands). If you want to impress your guests this festive season, stock up on some of the below and get ready to pop the cork as you see on Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Kwanzaa, or any other special holiday you’re celebrating this year.

VegNews.womanholdingchampagne.moetandchandonMoët & Chandon

1Moët & Chandon

One of the most famous Champagne brands in the world, Moët & Chandon is based in Épernay, a key town in France’s Champagne-producing region. It was founded back in the 1740s, and to this day, it has a stellar reputation for quality and luxury. It is known, in particular, for its Dom Pérignon vintage Champagne, which is also one of the most expensive varieties on the market. According to vegan alcohol guide Barnivore, the company confirmed in 2020 that its Champagnes do not contain any animal products.
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2 Laurent-Perrier

Another historic Champagne house, Laurent-Perrier was founded back in 1812 in Tours-Sur-Marne, France. Not only is it emblematic of timeless sophistication, but it’s also totally vegan. The brand confirmed to Barnivore in 2019 that its production process is animal-free.
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3 Taittinger

Headquartered in the historic Champagne city of Reims, Taittinger is another globally-recognized, household name in the Champagne world. Its high-quality sparkling wine is produced through méthode champenoise (otherwise known as the traditional method), but it’s still vegan. “I can confirm Taittinger Champagne is suitable for vegans,” a spokesperson told Barnivore in 2018. “No animal ingredients or products are used in the making of Taittinger.”
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4 Veuve Clicquot

You might not know this Champagne by name, but you’ll likely know it by the label. Its signature Yellow Label Brut is an iconic blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. “In Veuve Clicquot, we never use any fining agents,” a spokesperson told Barnivore in 2016. “We filter our wine only once at the end of the vinification just before bottling. For this filtration, we use Kieselguhr which is a filtering agent coming from fossils of shells (only mineral).”
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5 Ruinart

Those who love a sparkling rosé can’t go wrong with a bottle of Ruinart’s Rose Champagne, which was one of the very first rosé Champagnes to hit the market way back in the 18th century. It’s also 100 percent vegan, as confirmed by Barnivore.
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5 vegan Champagne alternatives

If you want to enjoy a taste of Champagne but you’re dealing with a lemonade budget, do not despair. Nowadays, the sparkling wine market is buzzing with delicious and much more affordable alternatives to the historic beverage. Below, we’ve picked just a handful of our favorites.


1Pizzolato Fields Prosecco

Unlike Champagne, which is always French, Prosecco is always Italian. The taste, fizz, and look are similar to Champagne, but it is produced slightly differently, and the result is much more affordable. It’s not always vegan, but Pizzolato has been certified as animal-free by The Vegan Society.
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2 Surely Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

Those who don’t drink alcohol don’t have to miss out on a celebratory glass of bubbly thanks to the wide range of alcohol-free sparkling wines on the market now. This tasty option from California brand Surely, which is made with locally sourced grapes, is also low in calories and sugar, and it’s gluten-free.
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3 Avaline Sparkling Wine

Everything from Cameron Diaz’s organic wine brand Avaline is 100 percent vegan, including its tasty, refreshing Sparkling Wine. The blend is similar to Cava, a sparkling wine that originates from Spain and is primarily produced in the region of Catalonia.
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4 Ethic Drinks Prosecco Rose

For organic, ethical wine, check out Ethic Drinks, a wine producer based in Bordeaux, France. Everything is vegan and crafted with sustainability in mind (it even has partnerships with organizations like WWF France), including its tasty Prosecco Rosé.
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5 Vietti Moscato D’Asti

Those with a sweet tooth will love Moscato D’Asti, which is a sweet, sparkling wine made from Moscato Bianco grapes in Piedmont, northern Italy. Again, it’s not always vegan as some Moscato blends are produced with animal fining agents, but Vietti is a certified vegan-friendly brand.
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5 vegan Champagne cocktails

Make your loved ones (or just yourself!) feel extra special this holiday season by treating them to a delicious sparkling wine cocktail. Everything below can be made with Champagne or another sparkling variety, depending on your preference (and budget!).

1 Coconut-Lime Mimosa

Liven up your holiday morning by whipping up a delicious brunch and some tasty mimosas. Traditionally, this cocktail is made with citrus juice and sparkling wine, but this recipe, which features coconut water and lime juice, offers a tasty, refreshing twist on the original.
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2 Clementine Champagne Fizz

Clementines are typically in season during the winter months, which makes them the perfect addition to a festive cocktail this holiday season. Pair with apricot brandy, sugar, and your favorite sparkling white wine to make this indulgent, lively Clementine Champagne Fizz cocktail.
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3 Vegan Alameda Buck ‘n’ Breck

This vivacious, bright pink cocktail offers a light and delicious twist on a Buck ‘n’ Breck cocktail, which itself is a twist on the Boilermaker cocktail. The latter is made with whiskey and beer, while the Buck ‘n’ Breck swaps beer for sparkling wine. This Alameda version also brings Absinthe, pear brandy, and Peychaud’s Bitters into the mix.
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4 Vegan Kir Royale

A kir royale is a classic, elegant, and delicious cocktail, which is made with a simple mix of crème de cassis and sparkling wine. As long as you choose the vegan versions of both of these ingredients, this tasty cocktail is animal-free by default.
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5 Pomegranate Spritzer

This light and colorful cocktail can be made alcoholic or alcohol-free, depending on your preference. If you want a little bit of a boozy kick, simply add a few splashes of your favorite sparkling wine into the mix, too.
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