It seems that every week in the world of vegan food news is more exciting than the last, and this week is no exception. Daring Foods—a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker—just launched vegan chicken bowls at Target. Also new at Target is Wicked Food’s selection of frozen entrées. And Milo Ventimiglia’s favorite vegan ribs are coming back in the spring. Read on for more. 

1Tindle launches in US retail

Founded in 2020, international brand Tindle has made a name for itself on the menus of restaurants around the world and now, its vegan meats are coming to retailers in the United States for the first time.

VegNews.VeganWings.TindleTindle Foods

Its plant-based chicken products, including Tindle Patties, Tenders, and Wings, are now available at select grocery chains such as Giant Eagle and online grocer FreshDirect, as well as independent stores such as Berkeley Bowl and Besties Vegan Paradise on the West Coast.

This retail debut marks a new phase for Tindle Chicken, which previously established its presence in the United Kingdom and German markets and entered the US foodservice sector. 

“We’re thrilled to announce our retail debut with established and like-minded partners all over the country, including grocers like Giant Eagle that share our strong commitment to sustainability and building a healthier planet for future generations,” JJ Kass, SVP of Business Development and US Managing Director at Tindle Foods, said in a statement. 

“This move allows us to reach new audiences and offer our delicious range of plant-based chicken products to an even broader customer base,” Kass said. 

Tindle Foods is preparing for a wider nationwide rollout in 2024. The products are also available through major distributors such as Dot Foods, Kehe, and UNFI, and can be ordered online via PlantX and Goldbelly in areas not serviced by Tindle retail partners.

2Spicy vegan chicken bowls 

We’ve had an ongoing love affair with Daring Foods the moment we discovered its plant-based chicken which features a pull-apart texture that’s just like its animal counterpart. Now, the celeb-loved brand is moving into new territory with the launch of its frozen entrées. 

Daring’s new frozen line is a game-changer in the world of convenient plant-based meals and each is ready in three-and-a-half minutes in the microwave.

The entrées feature a variety of flavors catering to diverse tastes. In an exclusive collaboration with condiment company Fly by Jing, the Daring x Fly by Jing Fried Rice Plant Chicken Bowl offers a spicy fried rice experience, available only at Target. It combines fluffy white rice, peas, carrots, Fly By Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp, and Daring’s Original Plant Chicken Pieces.

VegNews.SpicyVeganChickenBowl.DaringFoodsDaring Foods

Another spicy option is the Spicy Fajita Plant Chicken Bowl, featuring fire-roasted peppers and onions, tender white rice, and a fajita rub with Daring’s Cajun Plant Chicken pieces. 

For a sweeter take, the Teriyaki Plant Chicken Bowl mixes tender broccoli florets, white rice, and a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce with Daring’s Teriyaki Plant Chicken pieces. The Harvest Plant Chicken Bowl offers a lighter option with roasted sweet potatoes, kale, brown rice, chimichurri sauce, and Daring’s Original Plant Chicken Pieces. 

Lastly, the Penne Primavera Bowl bursts with vibrant herbs, aromatic garlic, gluten-free pasta, tender zucchini, crisp peas, roasted peppers, and Daring’s Original Plant Chicken pieces.

This expansion into frozen meals aligns with Daring Foods’ mission to transform the plant-based food category with diverse, delicious, and convenient options. 

VegNews.VeganChickenBowls.DaringFoodsDaring Foods

“We’ve always been on a mission to transform the category by offering delicious plant-based options that embrace diverse tastes and dietary preferences,” Ross Mackay, CEO & founder of Daring Foods, said in a statement. 

“Our latest frozen entrée bowls represent a significant step forward in redefining plant-based cuisine while staying true to our commitment to authenticity and simplicity,” Mackay said. 

3Wicked Foods expands to Target

If you’re already on your way to Target to pick up a few of Daring’s vegan chicken bowls, take a moment to look around the food aisle for another new addition from Wicked Kitchen. 

The Minneapolis-based company—founded by chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno—recently announced the nationwide launch of its chef-crafted frozen entrées at Target, marking a significant expansion for Wicked Kitchen in the American retail space. 

VegNews.VeganFood.WickedKitchenWicked Kitchen

Target is now the exclusive retailer for Wicked Kitchen’s Hearty Rigatoni Veg Bolognese and Rockin’ Chili Mac, adding to its original range of innovative, plant-based offerings. 

“We’re proud to have Wicked Kitchen products available in Target as it’s another step towards giving more access to plant-based foods to consumers, and it’s especially exciting since we share the same hometown of Minneapolis,” Wicked Kitchen’s CEO, Pete Speranza, said in a statement. 

“It is validating to have such strong retailers believe in our mission and in the future of plant-based foods as we continue to lead plant-based innovations with flavor-forward products that appeal to vegans and omnivores alike,” Speranza said. 

Having entered the US market merely two years ago from its origins in the UK, Wicked Kitchen has achieved a remarkable feat with its extensive lineup of 25 plant-based products, representing the largest plant-based product rollout in US grocery history. 

The brand also has a presence at retailers such as Kroger, Wal-Mart, and 7-Eleven, with its Good Catch brand being sold in Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market.

VegNews.VeganFood1.WickedKitchenWicked Kitchen

In addition to frozen meals, the brand has also introduced a variety of new products in the US market this year, including noodle cups, pizzas, ice creams, mac and cheese, and ready-to-eat stews. 

“As a disruptive plant-based brand in the US and UK, we are on a mission to improve the lives of humans and animals globally by offering chef-created plant-based foods with a broader appeal,” Speranza said. 

Wicked Kitchen—which is also expanding its presence in the foodservice sector, primarily at sporting arenas—aims to continue developing its portfolio of flavorful, plant-based options to meet the growing demand in this segment.

4Whole Foods Thanksgiving

We won’t judge if what you really want to do for Thanksgiving is a whole lot of nothing. Lucky for you, Whole Foods Market offers a whole vegan spread and the only work you’ll have to do is place an order and pick it up. 


What’s on the menu this year? You can order a meal for two ($39.99) that includes a Mushroom & Root Vegetable en Croûte with Mushroom Gravy, along with four sides: Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Green Beans; Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries & Sage; Roasted Fingerlings with Garlic & Parsley; and Pumpkin Curry Soup. 

Additional vegan holiday options include a fruit and veggie platter, spinach artichoke puffs, and a pumpkin pie. 

The dishes are also available for order individually and may vary by location so check with your local store to see what’s on the holiday menu this year. 

5MorningStar’s saucy riblets are back

Five years ago, Kellogg’s MorningStar Farms discontinued Riblets, the company’s take on vegan ribs. This prompted Riblets fans to barrage the company with requests to bring back the beloved vegan meat

“Dear MorningStar Farms, can you please bring back the veggie Riblet?” actor Milo Ventimiglia tweeted in 2019. “I know a couple million vegetarians (as well as myself) who would be grateful if you did. Lemme [sic] know how I can help.” 

This week, MorningStar answered Ventimiglia’s request and will be bringing back the beloved Riblets. The vegan ribs will be sold in cook-and-serve trays of two riblets each in Sweet BBQ or Korean BBQ flavors.  

VegNews.VeganRibs.MorningStarFarmsMorningStar Farms

“MorningStar Farms Riblets left shelves in 2018 and ever since then, loyal fans have petitioned, begged, and demanded to get Riblets back in their lives,” Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing, Frozen Foods, said in a statement. “You asked. We’ve answered. Unlike certain fast-food sandwiches, there’s nothing ‘limited’ about this return—Riblets are here to stay.”

VegNews.VeganRibs2.MorningStarFarmsMorningStar Farms

Leading up to their slated return in the spring of 2024, the riblets will go on what the company calls a “Return Tour,” details of which are still under wraps. 

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