It seems that every week in the world of vegan news is more exciting than the last, and this week is no exception. Bitchin’ Sauce is taking its almond dip to new consumers around the world thanks to a mega deal with Costco. 

Good Planet Foods’ olive oil-based vegan cheese is coming to NYC Pizzeria Double Zero just in time for National Pizza Day.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are so many ways to celebrate love this year. 

And some of us have found a new interest in football thanks to a certain couple—and legendary bakery Vegan Treats is giving Swifties two vegan cakes to devour during our Super Bowl era. Read on for more. 

Vegan food news

A certain romance has inspired more people than ever to tune into the Super Bowl. But if you’re a Swiftie who cares less about football and more about cake, Pennsylvania’s Vegan Treats has just the thing for you and your crew.

VegNews.VeganSwiftiesCake1.VeganTreatsVegan Treats

The Bethlehem, PA shop has two vegan cakes available for your Super Bowl party needs: both emblazoned with messages only a Swfitie would appreciate. 

The two-decades-old vegan bakery is also releasing limited-edition treats for Valentine’s Day to keep the love going after the game has ended. The Wonderstruck Sweethearts collection, which ships nationwide, features a box of 15 chocolates and a “Vegan Treats Era” friendship bracelet crafted with Swifties in mind.

Allergen-friendly cookie brand Partake is also celebrating love this Valentine’s Day with a limited-edition chocolate chip cookie in adorable red snack packs decorated with pink hearts. We love them even more because they’re an easy treat to pick up on our Target runs. 

VegNews.VeganChocolateBox.7thHeaven7th Heaven

Eating chocolate is pretty much acceptable any time of year and for any reason. And this year, 7th Heaven Chocolates is giving us another reason to indulge. That’s because the company partnered with Freedom Farm Sanctuary to create The Freedom Box, which donates a portion of proceeds to support the animal sanctuary. 

In the box, you’ll find nine bars of 7th Heaven’s oat milk chocolate, along with cute stickers and key chains featuring Freedom Farm’s animal residents.

“When you choose to indulge in The Freedom Box, it’s more than a treat—it’s a vote for conscious consumerism,” Shaked Schweiger, Marketing Manager at Freedom Farm, tells VegNews. “By opting for oat milk chocolate, you’re actively rejecting participation in the dairy industry and also contributing to liberating cows from this industry.” 

“It’s a delicious and meaningful way to make an impact and stand for ethical choices,” Schweiger says.

In more sweet news, a new vegan honey and unsweetened apple butter is coming your way from family-owned Langer Farms. Both derived from fresh-picked apples, this California brand’s new products offer plant-based, sustainable alternatives to traditional honey and butter. 

The vegan apple honey mimics the texture and color of traditional honey, suitable for various uses in teas and baked goods. The apple butter, free from added sugar and dairy, features a tart, sweet flavor with spices like clove and cinnamon. 

“With only two ingredients and a heavenly taste, this product will have a forever home in my pantry,” Bee Moser, Senior Nutritionist at Cornell Cooperative Extension, said in a statement. 

“I’m so grateful to Langer Farms for creating vegan honey because I always felt bad taking food away from these hard-working honeybees,” Moser said. 

VegNews.LangersHoneyLanger Farms

Both products are available on Amazon and other online platforms.

There’s also a sweet development across the pond where sports nutrition company Trek just released a collaboration protein bar with Biscoff. 

Available in Sainsbury’s in the UK from Valentine’s Day, this innovative vegan bar marries the unique Biscoff spread with 15 grams of plant-based protein, a crispy base, and a delectable vegan chocolate layer.

“We are truly amazed by the immense online demand from consumers calling out for a real Biscoff protein bar and we’re proud to be the ones to make this a reality,” Alice Boardman, Senior Brand Manager at Trek, said in a statement. 

Vegan business news

Bitchin’ Sauce is making major moves this week with an international expansion by way of Costco warehouses. This Southern California-based nut dip brand is now reaching global markets in Australia, China, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. 

VegNews.BitchinSauceCostcoBitchin’ Sauce

Offering a diverse range of flavors such as Original, Chipotle, and Cilantro Chili in multi-packs in Mexico, and a value-sized Chipotle option in other countries, Bitchin’ Sauce is set to introduce its distinctive taste to international consumers. 

The brand’s expansion into 77 international Costco locations signifies a significant milestone, building on its success in the US market where it has become a dominant player in the refrigerated dips and salsas category, achieving a record-breaking $50 million in domestic gross revenue in 2023. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with new global influence,” Starr Edwards, CEO and Founder of Bitchin’ Sauce, said in a statement.

“The international launch marks a significant milestone for us, and we look forward to sharing our Bitchin’ goodies with customers worldwide,” Edwards said. 

Also from California, San Francisco startup Unclassic Foods is challenging the notion that vegan meats are alternatives to animal products. Instead, the startup says its mushroom-based nuggets and steak tips are superlatives to their animal counterparts in every way that matters. 

VegNews.FounderLuiza.UnclassicFoodsUnclassic Foods

“Our specialty mushrooms are not meat alternatives,” Luiza Villela, a food scientist and founder of unClassic Foods, said in a statement. “Instead, they are a new center of the plate.” 

By 2027, the global meat substitute market is predicted to grow to nearly $18 billion and Unclassic aims to tap this growing market with what it is positioning as superior meats made from a special, protein-rich variant of oyster mushrooms.

“Whenever people think about a meal, they naturally gravitate towards the protein, such as chicken, beef, fish, pork,” she says. “We are positioning mushrooms as another member of the main protein category.”

“Mushrooms will be at the center of the plate as the protagonist of the dish,” Villela says.    

Over in Europe, a $3 million Seafood “Algternative” Project has resulted in its first innovations: tuna, almond, and seafood spreads made from algae. Spearheaded by Algama SAS, this project aligns with the European Green Deal’s objectives, aiming to offer sustainable and eco-friendly food alternatives. 

With a focus on high-quality microalgae, Algama is developing these plant-based products to mimic traditional seafood flavors and textures, while significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with seafood consumption. This initiative represents a significant step in sustainable food production, offering promising alternatives to conventional seafood products.

VegNews.BondPetFoodTreatBond Foods

And there’s good news for our furry friends! Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Bond Pet Foods have recently reached an important milestone in their partnership to develop a more sustainable protein source for pet foods

This collaboration has led to the creation of animal proteins through fermentation technology, which aims to meet the dietary needs of dogs and cats in a more environmentally friendly way. 

“Hill’s is known for its leadership in precise, complete, and balanced, science-based nutrition,” Dave Baloga, Executive Vice President of Science & Technology for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, said in a statement. 

“We are excited to continue our relationship with Bond and support their truly novel approach to produce animal proteins in a more sustainable way that meets our high-quality standards,” Beluga said.

With the successful shipment of two metric tons of this innovative protein to Hill’s, the companies are now set to test and evaluate products formulated with this sustainable ingredient, a step forward in reducing the carbon footprint associated with pet food production. 

Vegan restaurant news

Valentine’s Day is already in full swing at The Chocolate Chip Bakery in Miami where love is the inspiration behind its new pink-hued treats. Patrons can indulge in the classic Strawberry Cupcake, a soft, strawberry-infused cake topped with vanilla cream frosting. 

VegNewsVeganDoughnuts.TheChocolateChipBakeryThe Chocolate Chip Bakery

For those seeking a unique flavor, the Pistachio Rose Donut offers a rich blend of pistachio cake with a hint of rose, finished with a rose raspberry glaze and dried rose petals. The highlight is the Raspberry and Strawberry Layer Cake, a gluten-free delight with layers of moist cake filled with raspberry or strawberry fillings. 


National cinnamon roll chain Cinnaholic is also celebrating love season in its own way with options such as Cupid’s Crush Strawberries, hand-dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with various toppings. The shop is also offering Custom Dipped Strawberries, where customers can personalize their chocolate-covered strawberries with different toppings. 

Its Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls, topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry, chocolate sauce, and powdered sugar, add a twist to the traditional cinnamon roll. Additionally, Cinnaholic’s Signature Gift Box allows for a custom selection of vegan treats, including cinnamon rolls, chocolate-covered strawberries, mini cookies, and brownie bites.

Want more Valentine’s Day treats? Coming right up!


At Planta, the new Berry Strudel is like a sexy Pop-Tart that features a puff pastry filled with strawberry jam (from vertical growers Oishii Farms) that comes topped with matcha icing and freeze-dried strawberries. Two new drinks, one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic, are both pink-hued for V-Day. 

VegNews.WhoopiePies.Stephanie-Kelly-PhotographyStephanie Kelly Photography

At Veggie Grill by Next Level, a new Organic Strawberry Whoopie Pie will satisfy your quest for all things pink. Its parent chain, Next Level Burger also just launched the Organic Strawberry Cookies & Cream shake to keep the loving views going.  

VegNews.PizzaOliveOilCheese.GoodPlanetGood Planet Foods

And while Valentine’s Day might be on top of everyone’s mind, let us not forget about National Pizza Day (today!) If you’re looking to celebrate this very important holiday, Good Planet Foods has just the thing. 

In a delightful collaboration with Double Zero, a renowned vegan pizzeria in NYC’s East Village, Good Planet is offering 100 free wood-fired vegan pizzas starting today at 4pm ET. 

The menu features vegan pepperoni and vegan white truffle mushrooms, all topped with Good Planet Foods’ unique mozzarella made from an olive oil base. 

“I’m thrilled to partner with Good Planet to be the first restaurant offering pizzas made with Olive Oil Cheese,” Matthew Kenney, celebrity chef and owner of Double Zero, said in a statement. “The product is a game changer in the vegan cheese world—offering a stellar melt and taste plus the health benefits of olive oil.” 

“When made with high-quality and wholesome ingredients, pizza can be a healthful everyday food,” Kenney says. 

If you want to celebrate National Pizza Day at home, Good Planet’s olive oil cheese is also at supermarkets, including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Sprouts. 

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