Last year, in the US, more than 61 million people participated in some form of hiking activity. It’s a popular form of exercise for many reasons, one of the most obvious is the physical benefits it offers (hiking is a particularly great form of cardiovascular exercise, but it builds muscle strength, too). But it’s also beneficial for mental well-being, and it helps to build a connection with nature, too. If you’re one of the millions of Americans looking to get out in the great outdoors this summer, it’s essential to make sure you’re well prepared, particularly in the food department. We’ve got one word for you: sandwiches. 

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Sandwiches are an ideal choice for a hiking lunch. They’re easy to prepare in advance, and they’re easy to pack and carry with you, too. Plus they’re simple to customize to your taste. When it comes to sandwiches, anything goes. But to find some of our best recipes, all of which are ideal for hiking, check out our list below.


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What to put in a sandwich for hiking?

Taste is obviously important when it comes to preparing the best sandwich for hiking. Nobody wants to sit down for lunch after a morning’s exercise to find something limp and lacking in flavor. But it’s also important to take nutrition into consideration when you’re packing food for a hike.

A well-balanced sandwich can provide the energy and nutrients needed to sustain physical activity. So when you’re considering what ingredients to throw in between your bread, make sure to consider options that are high in protein and carbohydrates, for example, as well as vitamin-rich and hydrating fresh vegetables.

7 vegan sandwiches, perfect for hiking

Need more guidance? Find some of our favorite vegan sandwich recipes below.

VegNews.ChickpeaSandwichAndrea Soranidis

1Vegan Chickpea Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Packed with protein and slow-release carbohydrates (thanks to the chickpeas) and nutrients (thanks to all of the vegetables in the salad), these vegan tuna sandwiches are the perfect hiking pick-me-up. The high water content in the lettuce and tomato is also good for mid-hike hydration. But the best part about this sandwich recipe from The Vegan Bean Cookbook? It’s delicious.
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VegNews.ShittakeBltSandwichDesiree Nielsen

2 Vegan Shiitake BLT Sandwich

If you fancy indulging in something flavorful and umami-rich when you’re enjoying a mid-hike lunch, you can’t go wrong with this shiitake BLT. The nutrient-dense mushrooms are smoky, just like bacon, and the vegetables are fresh, crisp, and hydrating. It involves a little prep, but if you cook the mushrooms in advance, it won’t take long to pull together on the morning of your hike.
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VegNews.NYCReuben.NYCVegan.JackieSobonJackie Sobon

3 New York-Style Vegan Reuben

This juicy, vegan Reuben is an ultra-satisfying lunch option for a hike. The combination of smoky tempeh bacon, tangy sauerkraut, creamy avocado, and vegan cheese is rich and flavorful, bursting with nutrients, and provides that all-important protein.
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4 Must-Make Muffaletta

This mouth-watering, multi-layer muffaletta sandwich is perfect for a hike. Packed with a smooth chickpea and roasted red pepper spread, tangy olive salad, creamy avocado, and juicy tomato, it’s both rich in flavor and nutrients, making it a satisfying and energizing meal for when you’re on the go.
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VegNews.BanhMi.RobinRobertsonWilliam and Susan Brinson

5 Vietnamese-Inspired Vegan Tofu Bánh Mì

Hoisin-glazed tofu, creamy vegan mayo, and a variety of fresh, crunchy vegetables come together to create a bánh mì that is loaded with flavor and nutrients. It’s refreshing, energizing, and incredibly satisfying, too—what more could you need when you’re taking a much-needed hiking rest?
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VegNews.SushiSandwichesEat the Rainbow

6 Vegan Sushi Sandwich With Crispy Tofu and Pickled Beets

If you fancy something a little different, this vegan sushi sandwich is a unique, nutrient-dense, and most importantly, tasty choice for a hike. It’s packed with crispy breaded tofu, vitamin-rich pickled beets, fresh cucumber, and green lettuce, all of which are layered between sushi rice and nori for a delicious mix of textures and tastes.
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VegNews.BuffaloCauliflowerSandwichLauren Toyota

7 Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

If you’ve got some time on your hands in the morning before your hike, make your lunchtime stop a little more extra by prepping this buffalo cauliflower sandwich in advance. When you stop for a well-earned rest, you’ll be thanking your past self for the delicious combination of crispy baked cauliflower drenched in spicy buffalo sauce with vegan ranch, red onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.
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