In recent months, Target has been focusing on keeping its shelves stocked with new brands, products, and collaborations to discover in the wellness category. This year, it introduced more than 1,000 products to help customers live healthier lifestyles. Target also continues to expand its affordable in-house Good and Gather brand with plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. 

Harvest-Bowl-WomanDaily Harvest

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This month, there are even more healthy options to discover at Target with the retail launch of Daily Harvest, a meal kit brand that is breaking out of its direct-to-consumer model and instead, reaching shoppers in places the most frequent. 

“The majority of the United States’ population lives within 10 miles of a Target store, so they’re a crucial discovery retailer for our brand,” Annie Streit, Daily Harvest Chief Commercial Officer, tells VegNews. 

Daily Harvest at Target

Rachel Drori first launched Daily Harvest in 2015 from the trunk of her car, selling smoothies to friends and colleagues. Less than a decade later, the company has become a nationally recognized brand with its sights set on expansion. 

Daily Harvest was deliberate about its first retail partners, starting with Kroger stores last year and expanding to other retailers such as Costco, Wegmans, and others. 

With its Target launch, Daily Harvest hopes to introduce many customers to its products for the first time, providing a new, convenient way to enjoy fruits and vegetables. 

Harvest-Bowls-ForkDaily Harvest

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The company selected its best-selling products to make sure its Target launch is both impactful and introduces consumers to a wide array of options for all occasions. “Daily Harvest’s food is chef-crafted and built on sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables,” Streit says. “Anything we launch has to be delicious, easy to prepare, cleaner, and more nourishing than other products in its given category.” 

“Because we exist to help consumers eat more fruits and vegetables, it’s important that we provide options across their day, not just for one occasion or day-part,” she says. “We’re intentionally launching across three occasions at Target: breakfast, lunch, and snacks.”

So what will you find at Target? Over 20 different Daily Harvest items, including ready-to-blend smoothies in flavors such as Strawberry + Peach; Acai + Cherry; Banana + Almond; Mint + Cacao;  Blueberry + Cacao; and Mango + Greens.

There are also hearty Harvest Bowls in Black Bean + Cheeze; Brussel Sprouts + Tahini; Spinach + Shiitake Grits; Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash; Lentil + Tomato Bolognese, Broccoli + Cheeze; Cauliflower Rice + Pesto; and Herbed Squash + Asparagus Risotto.

For a fruit-forward dessert, Target shoppers can also grab real fruit pops Strawberry + Dragon Fruit and Blueberry + Banana flavors.

Fruit-Pops-KidDaily Harvest

Target’s well-established reputation for bringing fresh, innovative brands to the forefront makes it an ideal retail partner for Daily Harvest. “Target is an incredible fit because their guests are looking to meet a lot of the needs that Daily Harvest fills,” Streit says. “Many have young kids in the household, they’re looking for convenient food, made from high-quality ingredients that tastes good and is also good for them.”

“Target also has a long history of bringing fresh, exciting brands to the forefront and their guests go there to find and try new things,” she says. 

Daily Harvest’s products can be found at Target stores in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Washington State.

Democratizing healthy food

Daily Harvest’s move into Target is part of a broader effort to ensure that its products are accessible in diverse retail environments, accommodating consumers who make purchases across various channels—from club stores for bulk buys to grocery stores for everyday needs.

Smoothie-WomanDaily Harvest

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“Launching in retail allows us to unlock a much larger market opportunity and drive trials among consumers who may want to buy and try our food a la carte,” Streit says. “We are also entering retail at a time when more consumers than ever are seeking food made with high quality and functional ingredients and products that have certain certifications and/or align with specific diets.”

The company is also exploring new product lines that build on the success of its multi-serve formats, such as grains and pasta, which cater to families looking for quick, healthful dinner options.

“You can expect to see more Daily Harvest items in the freezer aisles of more stores coast-to-coast in the months ahead,” Streit says. 

And while you’re shopping the new Daily Harvest line at Target, keep an eye out for Tabitha Brown’s plant-based food products which the retailer is currently incorporating into its permanent lineup.

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