Moms deserve something extra special on their dedicated day, and it’s not breakfast in bed—especially when she ends up doing a load of laundry to get the crumbs out of her sheets. Whether your present is for your own mom, your partner, a best friend, or a brand-new mama, this list has a little something for every type of mother at every price point (though really, moms deserve the splurge). To say thank you for all the home-cooked meals, endless hours of entertainment, and “it’s going to be okay” hugs, here are 27 gifts for vegan and veg-curious super moms. 

VegNews.Fabulous Vegan

1 The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan

Does Mom need a bit of a nudge to commit to that vegan lifestyle? Instead of a textbook-style starter guide, gift her our fun, 30-day guide. Each bite-sized chapter helps readers leap over a new hurdle—by the end of the book, all barriers to being vegan are completely removed. The guide also comes with thirty easy recipes to empower Mom to cook vegan on her own. Plus, it has cute pink doughnuts on it, so … that’s reason enough, really. (Pro tip: you can accompany this gift with actual vegan doughnuts courtesy of Karma Baker). 
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2 Nodpod

Not only does this eye mask effectively block light and noise, but it can also be chilled in the fridge to help relieve a headache. It’s machine washable and comes with a money-back guarantee on the off-chance mom doesn’t care for it. This is a perfect gift for new moms who need to catch a nap whenever they can.
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3 Juice subscription

If Mom loves her green juice (or has resolved to love her green juice), a juice subscription to her favorite juicery like Pressed, Joe & the Juice, or Juice Press will certainly be appreciated. It’s far more convenient, accessible, and affordable than a juicer that will likely get used once and stored in the attic for years to come.
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VegNews.CajunCookbookKrimsey Lilleth

4 Vegan cookbook

Obviously, this is not the gift for a mom who cooks out of necessity instead of fun. However, some people genuinely enjoy their time in the kitchen, and a new cookbook feels like Christmas. We have plenty of cookbook roundups on, but you can also search vegan cookbooks on Amazon for the latest. Pre-ordering books coming out this summer and fall is also a stellar idea. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
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5 Meditation app subscription

There’s no need to front a couple hundred dollars on a fancy spa retreat—give mom the gift of relaxation with guided meditation. Calm and Headspace are two popular services with stellar reviews. If you’ll allow us to be punny, this relaxing digital download puts the “om” in Mom. 
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6 VegNews Meal Planner

Let’s get one thing straight: a meal planner is not a diet, it’s a helpful, no-pressure tool to help users eat and feel better. Our VegNews comprehensive vegan meal planner provides healthy recipes, grocery lists, moral support, and takes the guesswork out of what’s for dinner. 
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7 Vegan Meal Subscription

During spring 2021, VegNews editors tested 13 different vegan-friendly meal kits. From fresh, pre-made packages such as Plantable to meal helpers like Simple Feast, these kits helped us cut down on cooking time, reset our healthy eating habits, and opened our eyes to fantastic new dishes. Check out our comprehensive guide on vegan meal kits to find which one suits Mom best. 
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8 Relaxing massage

Earlier we mentioned that you don’t have to get mom a spa experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift. There are many chain spots that offer quality and affordable options such as Elements Massage or Massage Envy. If you can find a vegan-friendly spa in your area, even better. Book her a mid-morning session while you scramble to make her a special Mother’s Day brunch. 
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9 Vegan leather handbag

Like shoes, one can never have enough handbags, especially for the mom on the go. There are plenty of vegan brands that offer gorgeous bags from cute clutches to Mary Poppins-style weekenders. Matt and Nat and Gunas are two of our favorites. 
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10 Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families 

This cookbook is perfect for the mom who’s open to going plant-based but is worried about her kids’ nutrition. Filled with kid- and adult-friendly recipes and pediatrician-backed nutrition information, this accessible guide is more than a cookbook—it’s an educational resource even seasoned vegans will find informative. 
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11 UnHide blanket

UnHide defies the impossible—it’s made a fabric that is as chic as it is comfy. These neutral-shade throws are impossibly fuzzy and cozy but also lend a sense of style to any room. Offer to watch a movie with mom and she just might let you cuddle up like when you were a kid. 
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12 Vegan wine tasting 

If Mom loves wine, treat her with a vegan wine tour in your local area. You can search for a vegan-friendly winery near you or check out our California Wine Country Guide that lists stellar options in Sonoma County, CA. She’ll need someone to cheers with—might as well be you! 
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13 Kinder Beauty Box subscription

Let Mom play with this vegan and cruelty-free beauty box. Co-curated by vegan actresses Daniella Monet and Evanna Lynch, Kinder sends sample-sized beauty products to Mom every month. It’s a fantastic way to discover new vegan brands and add a bit of fun to the beauty routine. Bonus: boxes start as low as $23 per month. 
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14 Almond Cow Plant-Based Milk Maker

For the mom who’d love to DIY but is always short on time, this sleek vegan milk maker is just the thing. Forget straining and soaking—this machine churns out any kind of nut or oat milk in about 30 seconds with the push of a button. It’s nothing short of vegan magic. 
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VegNews.HotelChocolatHotel Chocolat

15 Vegan chocolate

There are so many brands of quality vegan chocolate both in stores and online, but our picks are Lagusta’s Luscious Strawberry Balsamic Caramels, Dr. Bronner’s Magic bars, the Wrapped Three-Bar Gift Set from Dandelion Chocolate, and essentially every vegan item at Hotel Chocolat (start with the All Dark Chocolate Vegan Hamper). 
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16 Vegan treats

While we’re on the edible train (no, not those kinds of edibles), let’s explore sweets beyond the chocolate box. You can really impress and ship Mom a full vegan cake (hello, Karma Baker Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake) or send some healthy sweets courtesy of Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen. Thanks to dry ice and a little innovation, vegan ice cream from across the country is also an option (try Dear Bella Creamery for some truly decadent pints). Of course, your local vegan-friendly bakery is always a stellar choice. Show Mom some love and support vegan small businesses! 
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17 Gourmet vegan cheese 

Not all moms are into sweets, and that’s when you turn to cheese. There are plenty of artisan vegan cheese shops right now, and many ship nationwide. At the highest end, there’s a subscription to SriMu (warning: it’s hard to step down after sampling these luxury cheeses). For variety, purchase a gift card or subscription to one of the many vegan cheesemongers such as New York’s Riverdel or Austin’s Rebel Cheese.
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18 Vegan wine subscription

When wine tasting isn’t an option, a vegan wine subscription is the next best thing. Purchase a membership for Vegan Wines’ Wine Club or order a subscription to organic vegan wine distributor Kind of Wild. Who knows? Perhaps she’ll share.  
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19 Gift card to her favorite coffee shop

Given most coffee shops still charge for plant-based milks, vegan espresso beverages can be pricey. Ease the upcharge by gifting Mom a certificate to her go-to coffee spot (even if it happens to be Starbucks). You may also want to do a quick Google search to find a vegan café near you. Just off the top of our heads, there’s Miffie’s Coffee in Orange County, CA; Coffee and Plants in Pasadena, CA; Batter and Crumbs in Philadelphia, PA; and Dark Hall Coffee in Phoenix, AZ. 
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VegNews.SammanthaFisherSammantha Fisher

20Animal sanctuary art

Support animal sanctuaries, vegan artists, and Mom by gifting a gorgeous photograph or canvas by a vegan artist. Check out photographer Sammantha Fisher for inspiration or see if your favorite farm sanctuary offers prints of their animal residents.   
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21Sophisticated cheese plate

It looks like we’ll be able to entertain this summer, and moms who love to host will be itching to break out the vegan charcuterie board. Any Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma will have a nice one that will last forever (also great if you’re a last-minute shopper), but if you really want to lean into the vegan angle, check out Etsy. You’ll find options from personalized boards to punny pieces engraved with “This is where I murder my vegetables.”
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22 Cruelty-free nail polish

While vegan eats are on the rise, most salons are slow to adopt cruelty-free options. Treat her to an at-home mani-pedi with a new array of vegan nail polish. Check out our A to Z guide for a list of plant-based and cruelty-free polishes to make Mom feel beautiful. 
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23 Dinner out

Gifting Mom with a homecooked meal is nice in theory, but she’ll probably insist on doing the dishes, which isn’t allowed on Mother’s Day. Avoid piling on the extra work and celebrate her at a nice plant-based restaurant with plenty of atmosphere. Pro tip: opt for dinner instead of brunch, as that mid-morning meal tends to be unnecessarily chaotic on this holiday, and don’t skip dessert. 
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VegNews.LushLush Cosmetics

24 Lush Cosmetics gift set

This sustainable bath and beauty company isn’t all vegan, but it is 100 percent cruelty-free and conscious about its ingredient sourcing and packaging. The vegan-friendly bath bombs, massage bars, and velvety lotions are just what Mom needs for a little R&R. We love that they work as well as they smell—which is absolutely amazing. 
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25 Plantbelly bundle

Unexpected packages are always a delight, and no one does curated packages better than Plantbelly. This online plant-based marketplace offers dozens of product bundles to suit every taste and interest. From the Chocolate Fix to the New Mama complete with a soothing candle, you’ll find an option for your mom and anyone else on your future gift list. 
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26 A Vegan Vacation

This is a big one, but if you’re in need of a vacation yourself, bring Mom along. For a truly unique experience, check out vegan or vegan-friendly travel sites such as Intrepid Travel. The platform offers various vacations around the world as well as within the US. From vegan food adventures to backpacking tours in Montana, Intrepid offers something for everyone. Of course, there’s always the resort route. Two at the top of our minds recently are Palmaïa in Riviera Maya, Mexico and the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, CA. Nothing says “bonding” like a luxurious vegan wellness retreat within a gorgeous setting. 
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27 A VegNews Subscription

This is not a shameless plug. Okay, even if it is, a VegNews subscription is still a phenomenal gift. It’s an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving. Even if your mom isn’t plant-based yet, getting her a subscription to VegNews is one of the most entertaining and unthreatening ways to teach her what a vegan lifestyle is all about! 
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